You Will Love Your Harley Davidson Cruise Control Unit

August 2, 2014

Old school riding an modern day technology go surprisingly well. A Harley Davidson cruise control is a must if you have one of these truly stunning motorcycles. You have bought it for its looks and comforts so why not spend a bit more and install one of them. They are not expensive and are easy to fit.

These motorbikes were first built as a one cylinder in Milwaukee in 1903. These were actually built to be raced and were very beautiful to look at. When Bill Harley and Arthur W. Davidson sold their first motorcycle they decided to build 11 more. Three years later this increased to 154 and all were sold.

This all began in a little barn that was hand built and soon over 20 employees where hired to ensure the continued making of these machines. A few years later the first 1000 CC V-Twin was made and it had a horsepower of seven. The motorcycle that set the standard as being the one to bring about the well known name was the 45 degree V-twin. Just after that the famous logo “Bar and Shield” was placed on all of them, this is still their symbol of today.

There are so many different accessories that one can purchase for the bike that one will not know where to start. The Detachable Rider Backrest is a must for those long country rides with your loved one. It has a black gloss finish and gives maximum support to the lower back. You will not find yourself sliding forward either. It has an adjustment button and the pad is able to fold down allowing one to thrown their leg over.

There are two different types of these kits depending on the model of your bike. Both of them are the same price going for $249.95. One can even get different hand grips. The first is the Edge Cut Hand Grip going for $84.95 and features a coat of decorative oxide finish. This look will leave a statement and can be used on both the contemporary and traditional styles. One will not need to worry of hands slipping off as this offers plenty of traction even if you do not wear gloves.

Many can be picked up if you visit the Harley Davidson classifieds. You will have plenty of time to just look through and this paper can be obtained from any store or gas station. There are so many different types of models that one will need to know for what reason you would like it. Will it be for touring around or just town driving?

It is not all just about the bike; one will need to look the part as well. All the jackets are made from leather and the sleeves have vents inserted. For that extra movement the sleeves are curved and all appliques are embroidered on.

The cruise controls are fuel efficient and easy to use. They will ensure a smooth and enjoyable ride when embarking on your next journey. These bikes are built for comfort and enjoyment, so that is what your extras should enhance.

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