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June 24, 2014

Having a fun hobby that offers a lot of excitement is very nice. Scale aviation has been around for many years and is getting more and more popular as time goes by. It is an expensive hobby but one that many will say is well worth it. The more experienced the controller the more opportunities there are to enter competitions. The prize money is also very generous and will give the winner an opportunity to purchase a new model.

This began over two thousand years ago with tower jumping. Flying kites began seven hundred years BC in China. Some of these were so strong and big that they were able to carry a man into the air. Bamboo copter toys and small hot air lanterns had spinning rotors that enabled them to fly into the sky.

A new one that is now out is the Bush Plane. This plane is known for its ability to go deep into territory where no car or inexperienced pilot would dare to venture. These real planes are still in use today, taking goods in and out of locations that many would not dare to venture.

A Hobbyking Engine Sound Module System in included in the kit and produces a very realistic engine sound that is proportional to the throttle position. It comes complete with the engine start up and shut down sequence sounds. This whole sound system is pre-molded into the wings and is very simple to install.

The finish is of a realistic sheen and is very easy to maintain. The control surfaces are replicas of the original as well as the landing gear, radial cowling and multi-cylinder engine. The front doors can be opened and are located on either side of the fuselage. The radio equipment is hidden by the pilot seats but is still secure with a few simple magnets and easily located. The wing panels are secured to the fuselage with aluminum wing joiners. The horizontal stabilizers can be easily removed for loading and transport.

Hot air balloons were used in the military by General Zhuge Liang who was said to use the small types to frighten away enemy troops. These are still known as sky lanterns and consist of a paper balloon and a small lamp which is placed on a frame inside. These are now used for the only purpose of pleasure during different festivals.

In order to build your own model you need to decide if you want one that will fly as well as having one with or without a remote control. Finding someone who is familiar with these can give you some much needed advice. Many of these can be found at a model shop and come fully assembled or you can build it from scratch.

Many plans can be downloaded from the internet and these will tell you which materials you will need. Most of them are made from balsa wood, foam or plastic. If it is not going to move clay or robust paper can be used. It is very important that all parts are cut to exact measurements in order for it to be balanced correctly.

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