Yogo Sapphire Jewelry A Great Gift Idea

August 14, 2014

A typical cornflower blue sapphire that can only be found in the Yogo Gulch area. This is the most precious one found in the Northern part of America. It is a true natural wonder and very rare to find. This gem is a dream of every bride to be because it is one of the finest in the world.

This incredibly beautiful gem is the loved of most famous personalities and royalties for centuries. And it is not new anymore why these gems are known in different ways. It can be used as accent pieces. A famous royalty Prince William gave Kate Middleton a beautiful 18 carat sapphire engagement ring during his marriage proposal. And today, couples have been searching for these stones for their engagement rings. A Yogo sapphire jewelry will make a very nice wedding anniversary gift for every couple celebrating their 4th or 45th year together. This gem is also the stone for those born in the month of September.

If you are having thoughts of purchasing a sapphire jewelry to give to someone as a gift or a reward for yourself that would be a great gift for yourself. In purchasing this kind of jewelry you need to consider a few reminders. If you want to have a genuine stone, consider these reminders by heart so you will not regret.

When you pick a gem, the most important matter to consider is its color. This stone has a very captivating color and you can see that as you take a closer look at it. The stone may also appear dull if the hue measurements is not proper.

As the hue will get closer to blue, then it will be more adorable and the price will also get higher. A sapphire has a true and strong blue. Thus, it makes a lot of sense why it is referred to a cornflower. A cornflower has this purely blue color flower. Real blue and not violet nor purple.

The tone of the stone will represent is darkness or lightness. Sapphires in dark color will look good. On the other hand, the saturation of the piece will represent the vibrancy. Those pieces with vivid colors and high saturated colors without gray parts will really look good. The gray areas are the one called extinction. It can greatly affect the position, cut, tone and quality of lighting.

The clarity of the gem is also one thing to consider. It is so unlikely to find gems with no imperfections. If there are no imperfections, then it is treated or fake. Today most gems have been heated or treated for the clarity of the piece to improve. Gems that are not treated at all are sold for a higher price.

These pieces do not observe some standard cuts as diamonds follow. It all depends on the cutter magnify the unique combination of the stone, the clarity, color and brilliance. A typical gem is heavier compared to the diamonds. And they look smaller in 1 carat.

Do not be deceived by the look of a jewelry. You have to inspect it thoroughly for you to have the best and quality jewelry. It would be foolish if you are going to get the fake one because you failed to inspect it before purchasing.

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