Why You Should Purchase A Corvette 0-60?

September 4, 2014

Men are in fascinated with speed and slickness of cars to heights that are hard to comprehend; many spend millions of money to get their desired car and all its accessories. The thrill derived when pushing that car to its limits cannot be compared to anything else, the slickness, on the other hand, is used a sign of status to many sports car enthusiast all over the world. The Corvette 0-60 is one the sports car that has caused a stir in the industry with its speed prowess and the eye catching latest features that characterize it.

The car is meant with the capability of accelerating from zero to sixty in a span of less than three seconds; it also has an engine that can generate a torque of 400 horsepower and a top speed of 180 mph. The cars have both manual and automatic transmission for easier control.

This particular model is equipped with the latest friendly ergonomics that reduce fatigue which affects many drivers; handling has been refined to be razor sharp for the navigation to be achieved with a lot of ease. The material that is used to make the interior is such that it provides the most comfortable environment for the driver.

To ensure stability on the road the car has the most recent and advanced features which include an electronic stability control system, traction control system and anti lock braking system. The stability is actually achieved considering the way the car navigates.

During daytime the car has its lamps in a low light mode which gives it a flare of sophistication and elegance, when laced with the overall look the car is very attractive. Since the whole car is electronically connected and operated it offers the driver warnings in case the car hits anything or at extremely high speed. It also has a convertible windscreen with aluminum see-through mesh, these features allows natural light to seep in the car to add light to the already illuminating lamps.

Cars often crush thus this particular car is fitted with sensors to dictate when the car is about to crush on trees or any other object; the sensors use the speed of the car to make this estimations. With the turbo charged engine the car is able to accelerate three times the speed of other normal cars.

The restrictive exhaust pipe of diameter 2.5 inches was discarded for the 2.75 inches pipe; this allows the car to release more air when moving. The noise is also reduced by this pipe since the car has more space to aerate for a smooth ride.

The car is economical since its fuel consumption is way low when compared to other cars that are in its category. It has been upgraded form its former models thus it has more power and reliability than most other models competing for the same market.

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