Why You Should Always Wear Safety Glasses

August 6, 2014

Every type of work requires processes that can prove to be harmful. Safety glasses are important, whether you are working on a construction site or in the office. What this means is that at all cost, some kind of protection is needed so that at the end of the day you can go home and not rush to the hospital.

It is estimated that many eye injuries occur yearly that could have been prevented by the use of this personal protective equipment. The main purpose of these glasses are safety and prevention. If you are working with tools that produce airborne particles then you are especially prone to eye injuries.

Hurtful elements can be small pieces of metals, dust, sparks, but not restricted to materials only. Some of hazardous elements are radiation and chemicals and even flying objects. Don’t you think for a second that throwing a simple cleft a bit further can’t go wrong. So be sure to put on your protective gear as soon as you step into your workplace and always put it down only in a safe environment.

These airborne particles, like concrete can cause scratching at the level of lenses or in worst case weakening of the outer layer of the eye and even cause punctures. These can lead to temporary or permanent blindness. Not only airborne elements can lead to lost eyesight, chemicals will always result in severe outcomes.

Approximately 20% of eye related accidents result in vision lost. If you are lucky it will be only temporary, but if not you won’t be able to see ever again. So wear the protective equipment. Additionally, always make sure you are wearing the right gear for the right task, many times, the wrong personal protective equipment cause the accidents.

The risks aren’t new to workers, who are always educated on the dangers of their job and the necessary use of protective gears. Still, there are way too many cases where protection was taken lightly. If you are lucky you will never have an accident, but you don’t have to take chances. It is better to take those safety measures from the start of your day until the end of it.

With the development of computers, everyday usage of them at the office is a must. Even though there have been quite a few studies showing the negative effects of staring at the computer screen all day long. For this reason there are even personal protective equipment that feature a filter that reduces the intensity of the light coming from the screen.

Then there are special protective spectacles for highly dangerous jobs, like welding. In these cases the glasses are incorporated in a full shield to minimize the risks of accidents. In addition, if you are also using prescription ones in your daily life, special protective glass can be made that incorporate both lenses.

In conclusion, the range of protective gear’s usefulness has been discussed extensively in this article. A spectacle with extra safety features is a necessary and even life saving item that can be worn in almost any workplace. You should take note that because blindness can be the outcome of a usual day at work there is no reason to take risks.

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