Why Trust Your Septic To Top Rated Washington Septic Tank Company For Regular Maintenance Service

June 2, 2014

A septic system has a repository to hold and process the waste material. It is not connected to any government operated sewer system. It acts as an on site independent sewage processing plant. Regular pumping must be done by a professionally qualified business such as the Washington septic tank pumping services to keep it operational.

The processing system is used in rural areas and for suburban homes. They are suitable for small towns also. However, a large city cannot accommodate them because a drain field is needed and that takes up too much land.

The waste being processed is decomposed by being in an anaerobic bacterial environment. Since some solids do not decompose adequately, preventive maintenance, being pumped, must be done. In the absence of this service, the tank will fill and it will not be effective any longer.

This creates a horrible situation for that homeowner. It will cause odor and often requires an expensive repair to be done. With proper care, that can be avoided. The system functions well when the pumping is performed.

There is no one schedule for it to be done. The required frequency depends on the size of the holding receptacle, amount of solids and the temperature. Some systems have to be pumped every few years. Others may be able to wait ten to twenty years. A system that is older and has a small repository will have to be pumped much more often.

The well designed and smoothly operating system should not cause any odor. The required maintenance will keep it in good order indefinitely. If the tank is plastic, fiberglass or concrete it can have a lifetime expectancy of fifty years.

The homeowner must take a few precautions in addition to the maintenance. Large amounts of grease and oil and food scraps should not enter the system as the inlet drains can be blocked, causing odor. Any non-biodegradable products should not be allowed to enter the holding receptacle as they will not decompose.

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