What You Should Know About High Visibility Safety Products

May 24, 2014

To be safe from most harm is one of the goals of man. People work hard to earn money and reach financial security. People abide by the rules and are careful not to put a toe out of line for political safety. People live a healthy lifestyle to achieve physical safety. People go to different places of worship to have spiritual security.

But, to be honest, there is of course no such feeling as being safe from all kinds of harm. Man feels pain, one way or another, no matter how hard he tries to avoid it. He gets hurt emotionally as bonds between him and the people around him weaken and are severed. He gets hurt financially as he faces bankruptcy or unemployment. He gets hurt physically in a hazard prone work place, especially if he neglects to use high visibility safety products.

These safety products are protective apparel. Vests, hard hats, pants, jumpsuits and other clothing worn at work that provide a certain extent of protection are included here. Mostly, they are very brightly colored in shades of neon orange, red, yellow and lime green, amongst others. They also bear silver or gray reflecting strips that bounce off light.

These are used by those who are exposed to very high occupational hazards. Among these are parking attendants, rescue brigades, traffic officers, construction workers and all those who are required to work where there are hazardous machinery that may endanger them if they are not seen clearly. These clothing are made out of special materials that provide utmost protection.

These apparel are made using two types of materials. One is the fluorescent material. This takes UV rays from the sun and sends it back to anyone who looks at it as more visible light. However, as they need UV rays from the sun, products made from these materials can only be used in broad daylight. This has lead to the dilemma faced by night time workers who need the same protective gear.

Since the first material makes use of natural sunlight in order to work, it can not be utilized during the night. This paved the way to retro reflective materials which uses any kind of light to glow brighter. It bounces of the light back to the source, giving its wearer some degree of protection against accidents due to low to zero visibility.

And, since technological advances are making living conditions day by day, there are also protective wear that functions both ways. This is very tricky, since not all fluorescent materials are retro reflective, and vice versa. If you are planning on these types of materials, it is recommended that you used only those that passed the OSHA standards.

When you are choosing which safety apparel to use, you should see to it that you take note of the size or the fit of the working gear. It should provide for maximum coverage with reflectors than can be seen at all angles. It should not be too bulky, especially when worn with ordinary work clothes underneath. It should also allow its wearer to move freely and comfortably.

All safety apparel are divided into three different strata. Class one is noted for low coverage. Class two guarantees medium coverage and fine visibility. Class three is extremely visible under all possible conditions and provides for total coverage.

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