What VIN Verification Sacramento CA Residents Need Entails

August 11, 2014

The Golden State wants to know that every vehicle, registered in their state, has a verified vehicle identification number, This, of course, is to prevent having stolen vehicles driving around, as much as possible. The number of reasons why this is important can be found out and the VIN verification Sacramento CA requires can be done at many locations and with quite a few people.

If a car is brought in from another state, it must undergo this process. Since it is not on the California database held by the DMV it must be placed there and only verifiable VINs can do this. Of course a VIN is the Vehicle Identification Number and located on various places of each vehicle. This must be found and recorded for legal purposes.

There are many people designated as proper individuals to do this. Many state, county and city employees are certified. The DMV can do this, however many times, there is a waiting list for this office. Car dealers, Notaries and others are also qualified. They will all prepare a form, designated as form Reg 31.

Many other people can register with the state and undergo the training and certification process. Some of these people will earn a decent living and can be found on websites advertising their ability to do this. The state can not recommend one over any others as this is a conflict of interest and not a good idea in any case.

As the need for this service arises, a call to one of them is appropriate. Some will set up appointments for you to come in. Others will accept drive ins as well. The vast majority of individuals who are certified will come to you whether at the office or home. This saves time for you and travel charges, on top of the normal fee.

When they arrive at your location they will need to see a few pieces of documentation. They will need your identification to fill out the form they have. The registration, whether currently from another state or a bill of sale with the VIN number and description of the vehicle. Any other paperwork that applies to this vehicle will be looked at and documented on the Reg 31.

The dirtiest part of the job is locating the VIN on or in the vehicle. The age of the car or truck can determine where they may be found. This number could be on the dashboard, in the trunk and or in the driver side door jamb. There is also a plate, on many cars, attached to the frame along with other information about the vehicle. Attention is also paid to whether it has been altered in a conspicuous way.

Finding a person to verify the VIN number on your vehicle if you move into California is important. It does not always have to be a DMV office as this can take quite a while to complete even with an appointment. Making an application to become one of these trusted individuals is also an option as this can open other opportunities for you.

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