What The Quote For Renting A Charter Bus Is Composed Of

September 23, 2014

When touring with a large group, the main concern that the head organizer might have is the transportation. In such cases, the best option that can be chosen is the rental of charter bus Grand Rapids MI. You need to obtain a quote first for this. For the quotes, here are the basic components that you should know about.

First, there is the mileage. When this particular vehicle is traveling out of a local area and even on an overnight trip, then you can expect the quote to be calculated in accordance to miles. Make sure that the company’s day rate or minimum charge a day is within the average charge a mile across the entire nation.

Another one you should know about is the day rate. A quote should particularly include the day rate because this is your minimum charge per day. The company will charge you according to how much per-mile you have accumulated. But when the per-mile is not more than your combined day rates, then the day rate is applicable.

Know what the fuel surcharge will be. When it comes to the fuel surcharges, you must not be surprised if this is frequently changing. After all, this will depend on the fuel price volatility. When the price is high today, then the fuel surcharge will be high as well. Changing the fuel surcharge is much better than changing the primary rates too.

Another one is the driver change. The law requires the buses to change their drivers when the hour limit has been reached. There are those states that will require a driver change when the initial driver has reached eight hours in driving for the group. When it comes to the driver change, you have to know how much this will cost you.

Local travel. You will also see local travel as a main component in the quotes given by the transportation services company. It will refer to the accumulated amount of local mileage that you will be allowed to consume daily. You can usually apply this charge when the vehicle reaches the destination city.

Pay attention to the driver hotel. You can see this as another component in your quote. When it comes to a driver hotel, you can refer to this as your responsibility to book for a hotel room for the driver and pay for it. Usually, you can get a discount for this or even a free room from the hotel if you book for several hotel rooms. You simply have to ask the group sales of the chosen hotel for more information.

See the gratuity component too. When you are requiring service, gratuity is the amount that you have to give to show your thanks to the provider. When it comes to this kind of service, standard gratuity is about ten percent.

You have to be aware of other expenses too. This is usually dependent on where your destination is. When it comes to these other expenses, they may be airport taxes or bridge tolls. Some companies include these in the initial quote while other companies will ask their clients to pay for it as they are incurred.

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