What One Needs To Know About Slope Meters

August 30, 2014

There are many circumstances when true slopes without waves need to be constructed on land. This is normally achieved using devices called slope meters. The devices are installed on graders and other machines, which are used in the construction of the slopes. The use of this device allows work that may otherwise need to be done during the day to be done at night with the same level of precision.

Contractors avoid moving more soil layer than necessary using the device especially when they are paid for work done. The rate of working is also improved when one uses the meter. Areas with a lot of snow, rain, and dust present no problems to the devices. Tight seals are used to protect the interior of the product from unfavorable working conditions.

These devices are placed in various groups. Main groups are safe indicators commonly called curve speed, steep slope meter, and slope-meter no 2NS, no 1, and no 2. Most crown and slope constructions are done by products in group No 1. Steepness is shown by figures printed in the calibrations. For exampled a ration of 6 to 1 in the steepness is shown by 8 on the scale.

The small triangles in the device are used for reference purposes and they represent degrees. Category No 1 devices are mostly used on bulldozers, motor graders and such like machines. Devices in the No 2 category are mostly used on crown work and are calibrated in hundred 0.01 to 0.16. Besides finding use on crown work, they are also used in determining percent of grade. They majorly are installed on wheel ditchers, asphalt pavers, tunneling machines, and motor graders.

No 2NS category devices have large numerical scales making them readable at a glance. Indicator tubes on the scales also have a big size. These gadgets are suitable in applications where they are placed at some distance from the operator. Category NO 2 and 2 NS are used on the same kinds of machines.

Safe indicators are products used to determine the safest velocity one should maintain when going through a turn. Vehicles resting on flat surfaces have their indicators pointing on the zero mark. However, the pointer can move through 50 degrees with either side of the zero mark running to the 25th mark depending on the inclination of the auto. The 10th mark and beyond are colored red because they are regarded as danger zones.

Steep meters are useful in all environments where steeper readings of the slopes are needed. They are calibrated in percentage of grade. The percentage of grade runs from 0 percent to 50 percent. They perform well on bulldozers, motor graders, and similar equipment. All the different categories of devices discussed above are independently replaceable. As such, they also have replacement parts.

Quality, material, accuracy, and the manufacturer are some of the factors that influence the price of a device. Most products are designed in a way that they maintain a high level of accuracy in all work environments they are utilized. Cases are constructed from plastics, aluminum, and steel among other materials.

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