What Is With Modest Islam Clothing

July 22, 2014

When it comes to honor, sexual reputation always has a big role especially in conservative and principled countries. As to the matter of dressing when it comes to dignity and morality, the most distinguished icon are the Muslims. Having set the trade mark of modest clothing, they have unconsciously promoted their culture and tradition.

Basically, when it comes to issues of morality and cultural customs, religion play a significant influence. Taking into account the way Islams dress, you can really see their adherence to the regulations of their faith. Basically, there is a principle behind modest Islamic clothing, and the key point in its observance is sexual dignity and honor.

This has always been the foundation of Muslim believers. The strict ruling of the Quran binds them together as one indispensable group. As you notice with Muslims, they always have a strong principle mandated by their commitment to the teachings of their religion, no matter how tight the teachings may be. The same adherence is followed in the way they dress up.

Speaking of this, they are not actually made to wear a specific style of clothing, only that it should adhere with the requirements. Now, the first stipulation requires that Muslims dress modestly by covering their whole body except for the face as well as the hands. Especially for women, they are forbidden to show their chest or their legs since these parts are those which arouse sexual appetite.

The second requirement implies that the clothing should be loose enough as not to distinguish or outline the body shape. So basically, clothes which are tight and fitting are not allowed. That is why when you see Muslims, if their clothes are not loose enough, they wear cloaks which cover the neck down to the ankles to hide the curves which will attract attention.

The third requirement imposes that the material of the garment or clothing be thick enough to conceal what is covered. In most fashion dresses in this generation, there are actually designs which are see through. In the Islam religion, this kind of fashion is absolutely a taboo. They are required to choose materials which are thick enough to conceal skin color and body shape.

While for the fourth stipulation, the Muslim believers are reminded to take away vice and worldliness. With this, they are also prohibited to dress in a flaunty way such as dresses that glitter, or are overly colorful, or overly designed. In another term, they should dress simply, but with dignity. Along with that, they are required to dress neatly.

With the fifth requirement, they are strictly forbidden to imitate the dressing of other people. In this stipulation, they are encouraged to take pride of their culture by upholding their style of dressing. With that, no matter what height the influence of fashion may reach in other places, they are forbidden to go with the flow.

They even specify the distinction between the mode of dressing for men and women. All of these rules actually came from the Quran. All it ever wanted to specify is the dignity and honor of which clothing associates to its wearer. Aside from that, they also strongly believe that a person is what he is seen through the way he clothes himself up.

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