Well Known Science Fiction Music And Sound Effects

August 21, 2014

Movies, radio, television and theater all have a need for great soundtracks. A lot of science fiction music and fantasy oriented recordings provide a telling of some of the greatest stories ever told. Books, video games and live action often bring different sounds to life. Science fiction recordings can be found in mysteries, sci-fi epics and suspense thrillers.

Star, Trek, Star Wars, Twilight Zone, all are familiar names in film and television. Yet, unless prodded, most would never know the artist behind the music, or engineers behind the sound effects. Still, these are films and shows the world has accepted with open arms along with a number of other popular ones in the genre. All of which have one thing in common, great soundtracks.

There are a number of great science fiction films. Unfortunately, in the opinion of many movie buffs, many never receive credit which is well deserved. Regardless, the soundtracks of these films are some of the best science fiction oriented music and sound ever produced.

Cable television, Satellite and Netflix all host full shows with multiple seasons and episodes. At times, some shows may opt to change the design and nor the music from season to season or episode to episode. One of the best examples of this is that of the opening to the Showtime series Weeds, in which the introductory music and visuals change from season to season along with a different artist singing the theme song. .

A song can move a person to laughter, a song can move people to tears. Most often, it depends on a combination of elements in a film or television show. These are, the soundtrack, the plot, the theme and the cast. All of which hold an important part in creating a successful production and soundtrack.

There are musical artists in every genre who work with science fiction and other themes. Whether that is Sky Cries Mary, or Enya, or David Bowie, all have had a place in the genre. David Bowie having won a number of Grammy awards for his strange and telling music in Fantasy, Science Fiction and other genres.

While Fantasy is part sci-fi and part its own genre, some fantastical music has come out of the Fantasy movie and television genre. Two artists which represent Fantasy in music are Enya and Sky Cries Mary, both of which paint a picture with lyrics while also entertaining the audience. While the Sci-Fi genre tends to provide a deeper viewing experience, Fantasy often takes the audience on a journey.

Whether live or pre-recorded, soundtracks have a place in the hearts and homes of people all over the world. While those related to fantasy and science fiction programming are often incredible, some of the smaller productions also produce great soundtracks. A love that has now lead to people all over the world collecting different ones in various genres.

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