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July 25, 2014

Clothes are an integral part of the civilized society of world. Civilization evolved in different communities and people used different types of clothes from ancient times. At that time, the clothes were very simple and were mostly used to protect and cover the body from external environment. The clothing was designed according to the need of the professions the people were engaged in. Growing civilization founded the base for modern fashion world. The same is true for the evolution of hosiery in the society.

The term hosiery now stands for different types of inner leg wears such as socks, pantyhose, inner tights, leggings etc. Hosiery in the ancient times was made up of animal skin which was worn around the waist down the legs and was fastened using leather stripes. Then it descended in the society in the form of multicolor fiber material.

After any battle, the soldiers usually mended their uniforms with strips of banners and tents. Thus inspired, the Swiss and German people produced hoses and leggings. This style was copied throughout Europe into the 1500s. In the 20th century, mixed wool and cotton fiber replaced the pure wool fiber. According to a certain vintage fashion blog, the hosiery that made by using Nylon fiber appeared in New York stores on May 15, 1940 and over 780,000 pairs were sold in the first day alone.

Today the hosieries can be found in variations and types that are used mostly by women to put on under their clothes. The hosieries enhance beauty within the legs by covering them rather than keeping bare legs. You can actually use hosiery in literally all aspects of your day-to-day life.

The increased demand of versatile fashion demands more and more variety of clothing every day. This increased variety sometimes causes a permanent disappearance of a particular variety. The same is true in case of hosiery products. The discontinued hosiery list is increasing day by day and they become the history of hosiery evolution process.

The trend of using hosiery items among people is increasing day by day. There are various hosiery archives which keep different types of hosiery clothing under one roof so that the people can see the changing trends. The people can get the hosiery item of their choice from these archives easily.

The women hosiery products are more popular. The women usually wear tight leggings to increase the overall look of their figure. The men also wear hosiery products underneath their outfits. The main hosiery products worn by men are shocks, footless tights, pantyhose etc.

The increased fashion trends attract the people towards new products which are invented every day. In the race among varieties of fashion products, some get eliminated from the society and are never seen again. In contrast to this, the hosiery market is growing day by day and has become the inseparable part. Many trends will come and many will disappear, but the trend of hosiery products will definitely go a long way.

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