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August 2, 2014

A good reason to have a parking lot is that people who visit your business can have a place to park. One of the problems with having a parking lot is the people who park their cars and leave them there overnight or longer. Some of these people will not be visiting your place of business but will park there because it might be convenient. That is a good reason to contract with a company providing the towing services Irvington NJ licenses for this purpose.

The vast majority of people assume that the tow trucks they see help people stranded on the side of the road or when they need a tire change or car jump started. These professionals do all of this, however, they will also help keep your lot cleaned out. They assist when they see a car that is not supposed to be there, at that time of night.

Many cars, left in many other parking lots over night, have been broken into. The criminals who have no problems doing this know that cars left after the business closes at night will probably be there all night. They know there is nothing that can stop them and breaking into these is as easy as swinging a tire iron. You have the liability because the car is on your property.

Many times the cars that are left there are not working or temporarily disabled. This makes your lot look bad and can scare others into not stopping, even when you are open for business. A tow truck will be able to help minimize this situation. Not only that but cars that are not working may be leaking liquids or fluids that can damage or, at least, make the lot look bad.

Irvington NJ requires these towing companies to be licensed and post a bond for the work they do. They are insured against damage to vehicles they tow and they have a storage lot that is designed for storing these cars that are picked up. This is better idea, for you, than letting these vehicles sit on your property taking up space.

Looking for the owners of these cars will not be left up to you. The owners will be contacted by the towing company and arraignments made for them to pick their vehicles up from their lot. This is an important element of this association because you should not have to interrupt business to deal with this.

One of the other things these companies are excellent at is the transporting of your company vehicles to the repair shop if that is needed. They will often offer better rates than just calling another company to do this. They can also help jump start employees or customers cars if required and change flats whenever that is necessary. They can also provide security as they drive past your lot and observe things going on.

Think of an Irvington NJ tow truck company as being empty parking lot insurance. They can take the problems of people hanging around an abandoned car and move it away from you. They have the abilities to have you covered as far as security, better looking parking lots and peace of mind.

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