Use Laptop In Your Ford Crown Victoria With Pro Desks Laptop Mounts

September 14, 2014

These days it’s no longer strange to see a person with his laptop bag in hand. With the wi-fi hotspots available nearly everywhere, the number of people choose to take their laptops with them keep on increasing. Police and law enforcement personnel are no exception. The police take advantages of all mobile technology, including laptop, to make their jobs more efficiently and safer. Although “laptop” has the word “lap” in it, it’s not recommended to place your laptop on your lap while working. If you want to work safe, you’ll need a stable surface to put your laptop on. This type of surface can not be found if you are in your Ford Crown Victoria. A Crown Vic laptop mount is what policemen are looking for if they want to work and communicate in their vehicles.

What features are normally expected in a Crown Vic computer mount? Firstly, the laptop desk must have an attractive modern design to fit the deluxe inside a Ford. More importantly, the desk should be built for serious applications. Police officers often have to work in extreme conditions and need to drive at fast speed in certain situations. If the laptop mount is weak, low quality, it will be damaged very soon. Therefore, a quality police laptop desk must be strong enough not to swing around in high speed situations or in extreme braking or cornering.

Pro Desks have just introduced a series of Crown Vic laptop mounts which have all those advanced features. Pro Desks is a company located in North America with over twelve years of experience in providing vehicle laptop mounting solutions. The company has launched three new laptop mount models specifically designed for Crown Vic. The three products include: Crown Vic Enforcer II, Crown Vic Dominator, Crown Vic Mongoose. These products were built with a Crown Vic in mind.

Pro Desks Crown Vic laptop mounts are designed to offer a high quality mounting solution to fit nearly all laptop types available in the market. The products can easily turn your Crown Vic into a neat, comfortable mobile office. Pro Desks Crown Vic laptop mount are no-drill solutions, which means you will not have to make any modifications to your vehicle while installing the mounting system.

The presence of these mounting systems on your Ford Crown Vic will not take up much space and will cause no interference with your passenger. You can work on your laptop from the outside of your vehicle. The three products come with both Work mode and Transport mode. When you’re travelling and do not need the system, you can lower the pedestal, swing the articulating arm over top the post, lock it and done. In Transport mode, your laptop lid is closed securely and will not be opened in any road circumstances.

Pro Desks Crown Vic laptop desks feature the shock control top which helps protect your laptop in every situation. Your laptop will be kept safe even if there are any unexpected collisions. The four shock pads lift your laptop some inches from the mount so that the laptop is not affected by shocks or vibration while you are driving.

Pro Desks feature some Ford Ford Crown Vic Vehicle Mounts. For more information, check out their online stores.

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