Turning Your Ford F150 Truck Into A Convenient Mobile Office With The Navigator Accessory

June 15, 2014

Ford F150 owners now have the perfect choice to turn their vehicle into a comfortable mobile office. Pro Desks has just introduced the Navigator F150 laptop desk with various advanced features which will please any Ford F150 owners who love working on the go. The Navigator F150 is made of rugged material, bringing it the necessary durability and can last for many years to come. This desk helps secure your laptop and prevent the shocks, bumps and vibration from damaging your mobile device. Transferring this mounting system from one F150 to another one is an easy task since it comes with an interchangeable base plate.

Turning your Ford F150 into a convenient mobile office becomes easy with this F150 accessory. By changing the desktop position, you can find the best working position for you and for your passenger. The Navigator F150 fits laptop of all sizes.

Being able to swivel front to back is one of the most advanced features of this F150 laptop desk. With thanks to this, you can adjust the keyboard position to get the best working posture. Your passenger can operate on the laptop without any difficulties. Accessing the laptop from either side of your F150 is totally possible. You can even reach your laptop from the outside of your truck. The desktop can be brought up or down thanks to the advanced height adjustable main rod. You will always find the best position to suit your eyesight.

With thanks to the locking knobs of the laptop mount, you can insert or remove your laptop from the mounting system in just minutes. This advanced Ford F150 laptop mount does not require any truck drilling or modifications while being installed.

You can change many truck models in your life, but we guarantee you’ll need to purchase the Navigator F150 throughout your life. This laptop desk is an economical option since it is made of rugged high quality steel in the USA and can last for various years to come. Another great feature is that the Navigator is a no-cable truck laptop desk. You will not be bothered by the cables on the floor while you’re driving. Both the driver and the passenger will feel totally comfortable with the presence of this truck desk.

The Navigator F150 currently is the primary choice for sales professionals, utility companies and services who love having an advanced yet economical mobile office computing. For those who have to use their laptops on a job site, the Navigator is the right choice.

The Navigator F150, like most modern truck laptop desks by Pro Desks, has an interchangeable base plate, which is custom built for each specific truck model. All Navigator laptop desks have the same rotating ball socket, while the base is different. While you’re ordering the desk, you just need to tell Pro Desks what truck model you’re driving and they will select the right base for your truck. The Navigator F150 is a seat rail product, which will not require drilling or modifications during the installation process.

Beautifully designed, the Navigator is one of the most recommended laptop mounts for your Ford F150. The advanced features, together with the affordable price, are the two things which will attract any F150 truck owners.

The Navigator F150 laptop stand is among the advanced Ford F150 accessories provided by Pro Desks. For more product information, please feel free to visit their online stores.

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