Trac Phone Prepaid

September 29, 2009

Trackphone would have saved me a bundle. I recently signed up for a 120 Verizon plan because of pressure from the kids to text and get a 4-people cellphone plan.  What a mistake.

Well, not entirely. The kids would likely cause a fortune since they are all text happy. Almost no one call each other unless it’s one of us parents calling them.

The wife and I almost never use the cell.  Our lives are too busy doing stuff.  If something is important, the post office will contact us or we’ll get a call on our land line.

A cheaper Trackfone would have been the sensible ticket for us.  What frustrates me is that the monopoly called Verizon could make their ridiculous price gauging lots less expensive. If they wanted to. It costs them little to add extra customers and if anything. Because of the economy of scale factor,  they should be lowering their cost to the consumer.

They charged us over $600 for the phones, $129 for initial subscription fees, another $520 for prepayment fees  besides the $129 per month fee that has us locked in for an entire 2 year contract with huge penalties if we walk out on the contract. Talk about incredible over-the-top pricing!

To put it in perspective, you can lease an inexpensive car for $129 a month. To charge that much for 4 cigarette-sized phone service contract is nuts by comparison.

As you can surmise, we didn’t check around.

With a Tracfone prepaid phone there are no security deposits, no hidden fees, no penalties – there never is such a thing!  They have plans where one can get phones free.  Also, with  prepaid cellular Tracfone and a pre-paid wireless airtime cards and you are up and running immediately.  It’s well worth it considering the costs other national carriers charge if you are an occasional use customers as we are!

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