To Get Cash For Cars NJ Residents Need Only Basic Documents

July 2, 2014

In almost any city or town one is most likely to find old wrecks that seem as if they have been abandoned years before. In some neighborhoods they are almost a fixture in every yard. Not only are these wrecks unsightly, but the owners often do not realize that it is illegal to abandon an old vehicle. Luckily, to get actual cash for cars NJ residents only have to follow a few simple steps.

Everything has value to someone else and wrecked vehicles are certainly worth some money. Most wrecks have components and parts that still work. These can be very valuable to other people that owns similar vehicles and also to the owners of businesses that specialize in second hand parts. The second hand parts market is huge. There is money to be made even if the vehicle is simply sold as scrap.

Dealers are no keen in buying wrecks as a whole. They are more interested in the parts and components that are still working or that are still undamaged. If they are to buy the entire unit the owner will receive less money. It is therefore better to harvest all the useful parts and components and to offer them separately to dealers. Afterwards the hull can still be sold as scrap.

Vehicles that are still in running condition will most certainly fetch better prices. If the vehicle is still registered and if it has a road worthy certificate the price will be considerably higher. Owners may therefore be shrewd if they spend a small amount of money to get the vehicle in running condition before offering it for sale. Such vehicles are popular with people that enjoy fixing up a vehicle from scratch.

It is important to note that only the registered owners of vehicles may sell them. This is the case even if the vehicle is a total write off. Buyers should therefore make sure that sellers are able to provide proof of ownership. If this is not done, the buyer exposes himself to criminal charges. Sellers should therefore be able to provide both proof of identity and proof of ownership and buyers should keep copies of both.

Sellers should utilize all the various advertising avenues available to them. There are many internet sites that allow users to place free advertisements. Advertising in community newspapers are also often free or very cheap. Most people do not know how much to charge and it may be worthwhile to study adverts for similar vehicles before setting an asking price.

Owners of unwanted vehicles should understand that they remain responsible for that vehicle until they dispose of it in a legal manner. If they simply abandon it they may be liable to pay for towing fees and they may be fined, or even charged. Abandoned vehicles are an eyesore and they pose a threat to the environment. The better solution is to get money for the vehicle.

Unwanted vehicles certainly have value. In most cases they can be harvested for usable parts and many components are sought after by owners of similar cars. Older vehicles are especially popular because parts are not readily available any longer. That is why second hand dealers are eager to purchase unwanted automobiles.

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