Tips To Properly Operate A Mag XL100

July 15, 2014

To those people who are conscious of when emergencies happen, they will really prepare themselves for that. In such cases, then you have to take note of having a flashlight included in that kit. When it comes to the flashlight, you have the option of getting yourself a mag XL100. This is one of the best emergency lights to have these days.

If you have this flashlight, it is only natural for you know how to properly operate it. Otherwise, you will end up just having a useless product. It should not be difficult for anyone to operate this type of flashlight. However, just to be sure, you should still learn about it formally. Here are the things you need to know about the operations of the said flashlight.

First, know more about its battery holder. When you are installing the batteries, the negative side of it should be facing the spring side of the battery slot. The said flashlight will not work properly if the batteries are inserted incorrectly. In the worst case, the LED module will get damaged because of that.

When it comes to the normal mode of the said flashlight, there is a basic on and off function that you can take note of. If you want to turn on this flashlight while in normal mode, you just have to depress and release the tail cap switch. To turn it off, just do a subsequent press and then release the tail cap switch. The pressing should last no more than one second.

While its normal mode is the most important and basic mode you can use with the light, that is not the sole function this light has. You can surely use four other modes. The four other modes you may use include the SOS, Signal, Nite Lite, and Strobe. Each of them allows you to enjoy four different light benefits.

You can easily select one mode when you are using this light. Selecting a mode is actually easier these days. You just need to start while the said light is still off to select a mode. Know how to position the light as well as your desired mode icon so that you can activate the appropriate mode for this light.

Adjusting some of the features of the mode is actually possible. If you want to change its brightness, you can do that. To do so, you just have to look for the DIM mode icon and then activate it. Rotating it left or right should also help you adjust the brightness to your desired level.

The blink rate adjustment is applicable only when it is in Strobe mode. Just like with the brightness, you just have to rotate light right or left so that you can change the blink rate. If you have reached the desired blink rate, then activate it by releasing the tail cap switch.

There is the lockout too. This is the feature that allows users to lock their flashlights. This prevents any accidental operation. To activate the lockout, you just have to aim your light to the ceiling, then press and hold your switch. Continue holding your switch, while you are rotating it downward, until the light is aimed to the floor. Release the switch after that.

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