Tips For Choosing Trucking Companies In California

August 17, 2014

The shipping industry requires many players, and among these, hauling is at the core. Ships cannot come to land, so they need others means of transport to take the goods to and from the ports. However, it might not be cost effective to haul your own freight. Therefore, if you are in the shipment industry, you need to work together with the most reliable trucking companies in California.

There are many companies in the trucking business, so you have to be careful when selecting one to work with. It does not mean that you should hire simply any firms that offers the services you are looking for. Read on and see the qualities you should look for to ensure that you get a company that you will work well with.

Check if the company has met the registration requirements. Every business in this industry should be certified by the Department of Transportation through the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. However, there are additional permits and qualifications that truckers must have as well. These include Heavy Use Tax Form, International Fuel Tax Agreement Decal and International Registration Plan Tag.

Safety is another consideration. You do not want to lose ten percent of your products on the road, especially if they are fragile. However, unnecessary deaths should also be prevented. It is upon the individual companies to ensure that they have internal policies that ensure their trucks are safe and the operators are trained on safety management. This should even include random drug checks.

The drivers should also be in good health. Fatigue is a major cause of accidents because the truckers are on the road for many hours, which may drain them physically. The management should ensure that their workers have adequate rest between trips and they have facilities that help them maintain good physical and mental health.

An experienced player will also be critical for your growth. Industry knowledge is necessary if you have to sustain and expand your markets. If the firm has been operating in the region for two decades, then it means it is reliable and you would not want to take a risk with another than is just one year old.

The hauling industry is also highly specialized. To get the best services, you need a player that understands your needs. If you are dealing with beef products for example, it would not make any business sense to hire a transporter whose primary trade is oil and gas transportation.

Check the cost of doing business. You definitely want to make money so that your firm can also remain as a significant force in the industry. However, that will not be the case if you are making losses. Get at least three different companies to send their quotations so that you can review them on the above qualities and their prices before you make a choice.

Good relationships is also very important in doing business. Choose a partner that understands the industry as well as your needs. This can only be determined by meeting with the management and discussing the nature of your business.

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