Things You Need To Know On How To Sell A Car In NJ

September 9, 2014

Every state has its requirements on how certain transactions should take place. This rules are particularly important when the item in question in a property such as a motor vehicle. If you are new in New Jersey, then you should know how to sell a car in NJ if you desire to get rid of your old ride and acquire a new on. Below are some quick tips to help you out.

It is easy to decide to trade your car, but selling it may not be as easy as you thought. You need to prepare and have it ready for the market. The vehicle must appear to be in good shape. Repair any dents or problems that will lower its value. Check the seats and upholster them if necessary.

Let people know that you are selling an automobile. You are not running a dealership, so without advertising, no one is going to walk to your doorsteps and ask if your truck is on sale. Use the newspapers ad section, but many buyers are nowadays found online. However, you can also advertise locally.

Evaluate the automobile you are selling. You will have to find out how much your car is worth before pricing it. If you put a very high tag on it chances that you are not going to find a buyer. The price should be determined by its current condition, year of manufacture and the mileage it has covered so far. You can hire a professional to help you with this part.

Understand the state laws regarding such a transaction. When you find a buyer, you will be required to list the price, the reading of the odometer at the time of sale, and append your signature at the back of the title. You will then issue the buyer with the original title, but ensure that you keep a copy for yourself.

The buyer will take care of the sales taxes. Once you hand over the title, the buyer will register the vehicle under a new name. This is done upon the submission of the old title to the MVC. You can then remove your tags and give them to the Motor Vehicle Commission.

Prepare yourself with a Bill of Sale. Remember that once the transaction is over, you will not have any proof on ownership. This is the only legal evidence of the transaction that will be in your possession. Ensure that it has all the required details about the vehicle and the buyer.

Remember to take your plates. You can either submit them to the Motor Vehicle Commission or keep them for use of a different car. Remember to place a notification of cancellation of your insurance.

It is easy to sell a vehicle. There are many ready buyers out there. All that you need is the original title and some understating of the procedure.

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