Things You Might Not Know About Horse Tail Necklace

August 28, 2014

If you are looking for a unique kind of jewelry that is also elegant looking then a horsetail jewelries are good for you. This kind of ornament gives a lot of meaning to most of its wearer depending on what they think about it. For those who love horses, mostly they bought these stuffs because they love the animal they adore them.

It can also perfectly fit to a western style of dressing. Because of its versatility, it is now widely used to day. If you have a horse of your own, you can even create one of these and make it as a souvenir. Though if you do not have the skill, then it is better to just buy one. Horse tail necklace and some forms of these material is very durable because of the horsehair. It is versatile enough that it can be used in any type of event and whatever you wear.

These jewelries are commonly made up of hair collected from the mane or its tail. The hair of a horse has a smooth texture and it is very soft. Which makes it ideal for these type of ornaments. It comes in varied colors as well such as black, white, some other shades of brown and so on.

A standard horsehair are woven into braids to create a necklace, earrings or even bracelets. This is kind of creativity dates back from the Victorian era. Where most of the people before loves horses that they want it to be part of their body by creating a jewelry out of it.

Braiding it by yourself requires a lot of focus and constant practice. Most of these products has complicated patterns that can only be made by experienced individuals. If you do not want a hassle, you can just by it with a considerable price. Most workers of these industry are very creative that they can create different kinds of pattern that a machine cannot create. Although in terms of productivity, the machine can greatly help.

To create it in a manual way, they have to wove it together until they formulate some kind of a patten. Once everything is set, a gem will be placed to the woven material to make it more valuable and elegant looking. However for dyed ones, they will dye the material or the string first before they attach the gem to ensure that the stone will not be contaminated.

The creation of necklace is not that different. They follow the same steps as well as how they attach the gems. The best advantage of using it as the primary component for such ornament is that it is elastic especially if you want to create a bracelet. It is also strong that it will last for so long.

One bracelet is made up of a hundred strands of horsehair for about 15 inches long. Just to clarify, even though it is made up of materials that comes from the horse, it does not hurt the animal a bit. Companies that manufacture these kind of stuffs ensure that only the extra hairs that can be pulled off are processed.

Horsehair made jewelries are quite a trend today. They are beautiful and durable that it will last long for decades or centuries if taken cared properly. Also, it can be a meaningful gift for horse lovers.

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