Things A Good Code Geass Anime Review Must Keep In Mind

August 18, 2014

Animation has improved a lot in the recent years. It used to be too rigid, saturated, and a stereotyped genre. However, with improvement in technology and increased acceptance, there have been new ways to develop imagery and graphics, and more creativity and financial motivation. It is still by and large a niche market, and for those who are not so familiar with the genre, one could require a anime reviewer. A Code Geass anime review can help those who want to watch the Lelouch of the Rebellion series.

A good reviewer must highlight the most important traits that make animes so famous. The stories that these movies tell are a strong point of the genre. Such movies are often written with distinct beginning, body, and end. Even if there are subplots within the movie, they are all often inclined towards the same storyline. This makes for an engaging and entertaining script.

The reviewer who best highlights the storyline will capture the biggest audience. Animes have a distinct beginning, interesting body, and captivating end. Even the little subplots in the movies are often geared towards the same point. Telling the story well leaves the reader glued to the screen knowing it will have a good ending.

The typical animes review shows the past of a character, and how it is influenced by the present to chart a way to the future. Any reviewer has to know how to utilize the medium or genre they are presenting their work on to maximum effect. If they are using print, then their use of words should be captivating and absorbing. They should know how to use excerpts of the script and shots from the movie.

Video reviews are easier to do because one can easily include shots of movies to illustrate their point to their audience. There are two major competing industries in the world of anime movies. Western movies from Hollywood are in stiff competition from those animes made in the east, especially Japan. The two industries are different in that they portray themes and motifs from different cultures.

The issues people struggle with in Japan are different from those in the United States. Since movies are an expression of everyday struggles, the focus will be different. For instance, one might focus on the pressures of joining a sports team or bullying in school and another struggles with politics and war or authority issues.

There are fans of both genres, and good reviews should be able to highlight all these differences. The child versus adult theme is normally a huge factor in these movies. The anime movies are specifically made for children. In Japanese anime movies, they are never sugarcoated too much as they are in the West. Kids are exposed to a little more complexity, with themes like death, love, and loss explored.

Another common factor that determines the success of any such animes is the developer. A good reviewer should be conversant with popular developers, the type of work they do and where they draw their inspiration from. Knowing the kind of work one does can give guidance and direction when reviewing these movie.

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