The Truth About Minimalist Wrist Watch

June 11, 2014

The new generation always seems to be running after time. Most of the population acts just like the harried white rabbit in a popular book for children written by a well known British author and Oxford Professor. Most are fascinated and entranced in the idea of besting out over time, when everyone knows that such a feat is impossible. Humans continue trying, anyway.

Time is indeed of the essence. Though it is intangible, humans somehow get a grasp of how it works through the witty invention that is called a watch. There are many different kinds of watches. Some are mounted as wall clocks. There are also those worn on the wrist such as the hip minimalist wrist watch. There are also digital ones that display only the exact time in hours and minutes, and the more traditional one that features hands ticking around a face.

Punctuality is a value that is taken as a sign of professionalism nowadays. It will do you no good to be late. You can even get fired out from your job if you are constantly late. This is exactly why people wear watches. They had to know if they are running out of time or if they still have enough to spare.

Before the creation of analog clocks, people learned how to tell time with the clever use of natural telltale signs. People from way back made use of the shadows by the sun in an instrument better known as the sundial. These contraptions that are worn around the wrist only became popular during the year 1868. Since then, wristwatches rose to fame and never looked back.

The primary reason why people acquire one is because they need constant reminders of the hour. Since it is attached to the wrist, it is also easy to steal glances at it. But, when it was first marketed, it was regarded as for use only by women. The first types had bracelet straps, which made it appear a bit girly.

The men back the were content with the pocket watches that they are so accustomed to using. The perfect gentleman back then would not be seen out in public without one. A pocket watch is a clock that most often have a gold flip cover and is attached to a very long chain. They only saw the need for the wrist worn types when the pocket ones seemed very impractical for use during wars and enemy encounters.

When it had been accepted as a timepiece for both ladies and gentlemen, these types are then mass produced. Every single person had one back then. Since the rich did not want anything shared with the common populace, they compelled watch makers to create an expensive line that only the wealthy can afford. This started the use of gems and other precious stones as decoration pieces for the ladies, and the finest leather as straps for the men. Needless to say, the watch has become a symbol of economic status.

Now, they are also considered as gift items. They are common graduation gifts. It can also be given as birthday presents, even anniversary tokens.

The ones that are passed on from ancestors are regarded as heirlooms. These items, due to their rarity, are considered treasures in the modern world. They withstand the test of time as a result of superb craftsmanship.

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