The Relevance Of Oxygen Sensor Recycling

August 25, 2014

An oxygen sensor, being an electronic device, has the function of measuring oxygen gas in gaseous and liquid state. This is when you need to analyze the gas. This gadget was discovered way back in nineteen sixties through the supervision of Gunter Bauman. The device malfunctions at times though you can bring it to life again through oxygen sensor recycling.

The device does face high chances of getting contaminated due to its location. It is usually found in exhaust of vehicles. The contamination is mainly from gases and fuels passing along this location. For instance, the gases could be carbon dioxide gas, hydrogen gas as well as other wastes. Contamination by toxins will always damage the gadget. If soot builds up, the device will be unable to detect oxygen function properly. It builds up along the ceramic points.

Sometimes, a person can refill a car with poor quality gasoline which is known to contain lead. Lead has been found to reduce the life span of an oxygen sensor. The gadget also faces a greater risk from silicon and silicate which are major causes of its malfunctioning. These contaminates destroys the combustion engine which in turn reduces the mileage of a vehicle.

A sensor is supposed to be maintained in its shape and also state for a constant usage of gas. Sometimes the device can be damaged beyond repair which leaves an individual with no choice other than to get a new one. It is however expensive, a factor that makes it economical to recycle. One way of doing this is cleaning it and re-installing it. This is when one finds out that it does not function well.

You repair old items through cleaning them. At times you remove dirt from an item and it functions like you just bought a new one. If you discover any residue forming on a sensor, the sensor will certainly not work properly. If you clean it, there is a chance that it will work again. You should however not take it as a guarantee.

We use propane to clean the exhaust in an attempt to remove the residue. Excessive heat from exhaust is what makes the sensor vulnerable to contaminants. Over time, carbon forms a coating. The coat does not easily dissolve in solvents.

You ought to heat the tip of the sensor using a blow torch. This should be done until it turns red hot. Almost immediately, dip the sensor in water. You are then to blow compressed air through the tip of the sensor. This is what will ensure that dirt is removed.

Finally, one can remove fuel and contamination from oil. This is done with the help of a CRC brand QD electronic cleaner. Using this cleaner is most effective as it removes the whole residue when it dries. Precaution should however be taken while using the cleaner. One should avoid contact of nozzle of the cleaner with the sensor when spraying. This is the sure way to maintain ones gadget and ensure that he or she does not need to get a new one every time.

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