The proper way to Prevent Crow’s Feet

August 20, 2014

Crow’s feet refer to a condition where little wrinkles that appear around the eye and most a time start to form at the eyes’ outer corners. Largely is condition is widely connected with age since the wrinkles continue to prosper and expand as one ages. Credible researchers have cited that nearly half of the planet's human population considers this condition to be an unattractive feature.


Though it has been mostly suggested that laughter is the best medicine for some of the body complications like stress, the case here is different. Epidermal specialists argue that repeated movement of facial muscles around the skin due to smiles squints and giggles could lead to formation of wrinkles round the eyes. This is thanks to the fact that the skin near the eyes is really thin hence less muscular to bear frequent forces. Damage from the sun is also a rising factor of wrinkles formation round the eye. Due to low collagen and elastin close to the eye even the smallest sun damage will commence this condition.

The treatment and prevention

To stop Crow’s feet, experts in medicine recommend folk to wear hats and shades during sunny conditions. Cessation smoking also plays a vital in stopping and reducing the development of wrinkles in the face. To spice it up people are advised to take great care of their faces by use of moisturising creams to help in keeping the face as smooth as possible. Facial muscles may be toned up by regular stretches which also play a huge role in doing away with wrinkles.

It is however prudent to am thinking that even with preventative measures to deal with Crow’s feet, the wrinkles will still appear though tiny as they can otherwise be. They're going side by side with age and a time one must give up and live with fact. Folk with heavy issues about Crow’s feet can however decide to undergo surgical treatment to smoothen their face.

Sofia Rodriguez is a freelance writer. Her interests include beauty and skincare. She has written broadly about natural wrinkle removers and other strategies to achieve facelift without surgery.

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