The Most Recommended Mercedes Auto Repair Shop In Central Alberta

June 7, 2014

Mercedes is a car brand being famous for manufacturing a large number of luxury car models.

The main manufacturing factory of Mercedes is located in Germany. Besides, they have some more factories all over the world, including factories in Argentina, China, Canada, India, Iran, Malaysia, Philippines, Russia, Spain, the US, the UK and Vietnam. Trucks, buses, limousines, vans and cars are the main vehicles Mercedes specialize in.

You have paid a fortune for your favorite Mercedes car; now have you ever thought of what to do if your car suddenly breaks down? After purchasing the car, the first thing you should do is to search around the region you live to see if there are any Mercedes authorized auto repair shop. As we mentioned previously, Mercedes come with a number of car models, styles, classes. A good auto repair shop should have a well-trained team who are ready to keep updated with the most recent diagnostics and electronics for all Mercedes models. A quality auto service shop will strictly adhere to all specifications while they are working on your Mercedes model.

If you live in Central Alberta and you own a Mercedes, you can search and find more information about Alberta European Motorworks. They belong to the rare number of auto repair shops in Central Alberta which can service European autos of all makes and models, of course including the Mercedes. Their twenty five years of experience in providing European auto repair and maintenance services is the clearest proof for their service quality. All of their technicians are fully licensed to work on your Mercedes car.

Mercedes is just one among various European auto makes AEMW can provide repair and maintenance services for. Their technicians are licensed and provide quality work for customers.

If you quickly look at their websites, you’ll see they offer four maintenance schedules for your cars. With each schedule, is a different recommended yearly service. You can visit AEMW website for each maintenance schedule details. You can even book an appointment with them online using the form provided on their websites. They usually get back to you the same day you submit your appointment form.

Easy contact options for Alberta European Motor Works includes email inquiries within their website or a simple phone call to their facility. Friendly staff will be more than happy to set you up with an appointment for whatever maintenance and services you might need. With AEMW well-trained technicians, you can rest assured that your Mercedes is being serviced by the best hands in Central Alberta.

So, simply visit AEMW websites if you want to have your Mercedes serviced in Central Alberta.

Mercedes auto repair and maintenance service in Central Alberta is provided by Alberta European Motorworks. AEMW is a qualified auto repair shop located in Red Deer, servicing European autos of all makes and models.

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