The Most Favorable Acoustic Guitar Pickups

August 30, 2014

Many people love music when it is played with the accompaniment of an acoustic guitar. Acoustic guitar pickups, they are enhancements that can be used to make these instruments work even better. There are four different types namely under the saddle, contact, microphone and the sound hole. Each of these pickups makes certain modifications to the sound produced when they are added to the guitars. There are various steps that an artist needs to follow to know the best type of pickup for their instrument.

The first step is studying the instrument critically to point out all the facts about it. During this study one will learn all the things that can be enhanced to modify its sound. These modifications may either produce minute differences to the sound or change it significantly. Pickups are the most common devices used to modify the sounds of guitars.

These devices are usually made of magnetized materials that cause a signal when their magnetic field is interrupted. This interruption is usually caused by the vibration of the strings. The signal created by this action later travels to the amplifier through the coils in the pickup and it is increased and it can now be heard through the speakers.

After studying the instrument, the owner can later conduct a research from online sources to get suggestions of the best devices that can be used. The sources may give each example with its sound quality and the genre of music that it is best designed for. They can also include the different frequency responses the device is able to produce such as treble and bass.

After scrutinizing all the information, one can now comfortably find the nearest guitar store and find the pickup you are looking for. A good store will let their customers audition the chosen pickups to make sure they produce the right sound they want. Trying out the devices is only advised if one is sure they are going to purchase one of them.

Another way of making sure you choose the best devices is by figuring out what your favorite artists use. This is because they most likely produce the sound you want so you can just copy their technique. This will greatly narrow down your options and reduce the amount of time used when looking for a perfect pickup.

It is however advisable to test the devices anyway even if they have just been copied from other artists. This will help the buyer be certain that the tonal qualities produced are the exact ones they want. There are various things they can do to get the perfect sound they want.

There are both active and passive pickups. The passive ones have to be connected to an amplifier that uses an external energy source while the active ones use an available supply inside the guitar. Although many say that there is a difference between the sounds produced by these two devices, it is important to understand your personal motives in terms of tone to get the right.

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