The Importance Of Using A Manhole Cover Lifter

June 18, 2014

If you want to access inspection chambers and manholes, you have to remove the covers that are installed on the surfaces. These covers are aimed at protecting the channels from things like debris and water, and preventing people from falling into the holes. Removing those covers can be a problem for the maintenance personnel if they do not have the right tools to lift them. This is why it recommended that the maintenance workers use modern innovative manhole cover lifter tools.

Traditionally covers of manholes have been lifted by hand or use of some other crude tools. However, before holding the covers with your hand, you need to do some unseating or freeing up from the frames. At times, these covers are deeply and firmly embedded in the frame. What this means is that you cannot pull and lift them using your hand.

You will attain efficiency in performing the tasks when you use these modern lifters. Moreover, the lifters are fitted with movable wheels to ensure that you pull them easily from one location to another. You do not have to carry them around as you move from one manhole to another. Most of the manholes lifters use key slots with the exception of magnetic types.

The lifters are designed to allow maintenance personnel to be able to access the inspection chambers and manholes easily. With such lifters, they can help workers unseat and open covers easily without using a lot of force. This not only saves time but also reduces incidents of accident and injuries from occurring.

One common method with these fixed design lifters involves applying lifting force, and using shock tactics right on edge of the covers, the process of lifting is repeated until the seal breaks. This method of lifting is only a slight improvement of the sledge hammer approach. In this method of lifting covers, it introduces some risks to the people as well as the equipments.

With the constant exposure of covers and frames to moisture and rainfall, corrosion will occur if the materials are metallic. The corroding surfaces allow despots of rust and other materials to form on those covers and frames. This also makes the task of lifting those covers very difficult. When you use the crowbars and sledge hammers, you will incur costs such as damage or breaking of lids.

A user does not have to pull anything up. The best way in which maintenance workers can unseat jammed covers is to apply some force nearest or closest to the cover edge. When you use the modern covers lifters, you find that they are easy to move them around. The speed of deployment ensures that you achieve your results fast.

In addition, if you have to spend more time removing covers, it means the tasks you can handle for certain period are reduced. The cost of doing the work increases because you need other tools like hammers and pneumatic drills, which are unnecessary. The modern manhole covers lifters are designed to enable workers be able to unseat and lift covers easily and in the most safest manner.

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