The Importance Of A Proper Violin Wrist Position

July 22, 2014

Perhaps, you have experienced watching a performance of a single performer or a group of fiddlers in a show. It tends to be an easy task to play a violin wit all the moves and gracefulness while performing. But the truth is, it is hard to start from the basics. You need a great patience and hard work, before you can perfect your music and moves. The secret also lies in the proper violin wrist position as a start. If you want to become a certified fiddler, you have to remember, that proper posture will make you progress.

Learning the proper positioning of your hand is sometimes tricky for a beginner. This kind of position is sometimes awkward, since all of us are not familiar with it. Once you are a beginner, you seem to clench the neck of the violin. This way, it can create a great tension to your hand. However, this is also the start to learn some of your skills in playing music. You only have to be patient in all throughout your learning process.

Every violinist maintains a proper left hand positioning that will result to a better sound, agility, intonation and gives an accurate performance. In achieving this posture, the wrist should hang down straight from the instrument and arm and hand must be smooth and should create a continuous curved line.

To have a great understanding why most of the violinists should keep their wrist straightly than a bending position, you have to understand first the biology of the hand and the needs of the art music performers. Actually, there are no muscles in your fingers. It is only composed of tendons connected to a certain muscle in the upper arm. The main responsibility of the muscles is to give the impulsion of movement. These tendons are strings that are pulled by the muscles.

Typically, all individuals have their joints and could be flexible to any movements. In order to make the ginger muscles stronger, the joints should allow some messages that can be transferred to strengthen them. Therefore, to accomplish this, all joints must leave a prime role to its flexibility.

Once you mistakenly do your part, you have chances to get some pain and swelling in your limb areas. This will result to a certain painful illness called tendonitis. If you still continue to play, the pain will continue as well. This would be painful in your arm and fingers. It has a bigger chance to develop into a carpal tunnel syndrome.

If your music play requires lots of vibrato and shifting, specifically moving down and lower positions, it can also dangers of getting a bent wrist while playing violin becomes important. Lots of fiddlers are moving their wrist slightly and away from their neck once they will vibrate, shift or play an extended fast notes. But, this needs an extra effort and more time to gain an adequate flexibility and strength. In achieving their goals, it can allow them to explore and discover a height of performing.

To avoid chronic conditions, it is essential to learn some basics in the proper way to hold an instrument. Lost of syndromes can be suffered by a fiddler and may occur sooner or later. Thus, you should consider some important things in order to be aware of these illnesses.

Once you have learned all these conditions, it is important to enhance more you learning and skills in playing a violin. This way, you will obtain a certain level of awareness and confidence while performing. If you are knowledgeable enough with all the possibilities, you can also avoid chronic conditions that will be affect your life.

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