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June 22, 2014

In Boston, one company has really stood out in the field of jewelry. This company is called Boston Jewelers Exchange, and has been in the jewelry business since the year 1922. For all this while, it has been the core dealer in diamonds and jewelry in the city and even beyond the borders of the city. Its main customers are both retail business people and jewelry stores in suburban regions. Dealers totaling one hundred and fifty five are all housed in one building. They specialize in items made from diamond and other related precious metals.

This tower houses jewelry wholesalers, manufacturers and retailers in one place. The fact that they are all housed in the same place is an advantage because it breads self-sustainability. Manufacturers have their materials within the building just like wholesalers and retailers; that have their customers within the building. Business, therefore, takes a very short period.

This business has been in this region for a long time and everyone within this geographical region knows that it is the best shop for jewelry. The sellers in this place have done this business for close to forty years. Their marketing strategies are not necessarily modern one involving internet and other forms of technology. They only faithfully stick to their values of quality and accountability. To them, this is marketing enough.

The services and goods offered here are fast due to the fact that all jewelry handling skills are found in this house. Buyers are capable of getting good merchandise from craftsmen themselves. Every business in the building takes its name from the surname name of the owner. Apart from this, the degree of interaction among customers and sellers is so high. This type of arrangement assists in reaching out to customers due to referrals by close friends and members of the family.

Some of the popular retailers in the building are Albert and Bead, Amoroso Jewelers, ADCO diamonds, Barmakian Jewelers, Anglers loan, Bedrosian Jewelers, Freedman Jewelers, Boston Buyers of Estates, Dubin fine diamond and Mouradian Jewelry. There are many others that have not been mentioned. They always do everything in retail. Their target customers are mostly individual users and other smaller dealers. Others even specialize in repairing jewelry as seen in their operating names.

Businesses that do this business in wholesale include Allan Leavitt, A. Cohen, Bernards jewelry company, Cambridge jewelry, Boston jewelry, New England company, R. S. Nazarian Jewelry and Reko. This category of business people carry out their activities on a larger scale as compared to the retailers. Each one of them handles a part that slightly differs from the other one.

The main entrance of the house is open to the public from eight up to six in the evening. This is normally the case from Monday to Saturday, but not Sunday since this house is closed. However, every business has its own official opening and closing time which can be obtained through directly contacting the owners of these businesses.

The building is easily accessible both using personal and public means of transport. It is located on 333 Washington Street. In case one wishes to visit this place in his/her car, the building has ample parking spaces within every building. Those who may want to go using public transport will also safely reach there.

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