The Different Kinds Of Work Gloves

May 24, 2014

Accidents are inevitable. But there are ways in order to avoid them. There are many hazards that lie dormant and they are just waiting for any provocation. For instance, for construction contractors, there are a lot of potential dangers of falling debris while for medical staff, there are a lot of corrosive elements that may cause severe irritation on the skin.

Taking this into consideration, protective gears have been invented in order to secure the workers from potential hazards. One of them is the work gloves. This is a protective gear for the hands and are used by individuals whose occupation is in contact with dangerous and harmful substances such as corrosive chemicals and acids, rough and sharp materials, hot surfaces, and many more.

But those aside, there are also individuals who use gloves to protect themselves from mild chemical elements such as soap and other light chemical substances because of genetic factors such as allergies. However, these protective gears cannot prevent hand accidents to happen. But with safe practices and proper selection of the kind of garment for the work, you can avoid hazards.

Speaking of this, there are actually different types of working muffs. First, there is the disposable gloves. They are used to protect the hands from mild chemicals like detergent, and other cleaning agents. They are especially used by those who have sensitive hands. They are also used by individuals who prepare the food like the culinarians.

Another type is called the fabric gloves. This one is used to help in gripping objects which are slippery. With them, you can hold things as is. Not just that, they can also help in keeping your hands insulated from either heat or cold. While leather gloves is another type and is used to guard against rough surfaces and when dealing with electricity.

Next is the rubber gloves. This kind is the ones used by both construction workers and medical personnel. Basically, this one protects the hands from being harmed by the strong chemical substances encountered in the experiments. In the construction, there are a lot of substances like petroleum products and other grease that could dirty and harm the skin.

But other than those, doctors also use them frequently especially those that often deal with patients who have contagious diseases. That is because the blood of these patients contain pathogens that are able to invade into the system of another person by mere contact. That is why something as thick and impenetrable like rubber is used.

There is also the metal mesh gloves. These are used in order to guard the hands against scratches especially by individuals whose job deal with sharp materials. While the last one is the aluminized gloves. These ones are used by individuals dealing with molten materials so as to protect the hands from intense heat.

These are all of the common kinds of muffs that protect people from potential hazards in the job place. But they are not an assurance that you will not be in danger. There are even times, when using these could also be a hazard. So if you think, they will not help, do not wear them. Remember that the most important thing is to keep yourself safe.

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