The Different Advantages Of Argentium Silver Jewelry Over Sterling Pieces

September 29, 2014

When shopping for jewelries these days, women may come across something they have never heard of during their past trips to the local boutiques. Argentium silver jewelry pieces are making a big splash most especially among those who take accessorizing seriously. Women who encounter these sparkling items for the first time may wonder if they should go for them.

There are numerous reasons why these gleaming personal ornaments are sought after by a lot of fashion conscious buyers. It’s because there are a variety of perks to enjoy for getting them, such as having some of the brightest accessories and giving less time to maintaining them. Some of the most striking advantages these pieces have over sterling ones are mentioned below.

Constant tarnishing becomes a thing of the past. Unlike the traditional sterling which consists of 7.5% copper that is prone to oxidation, another type of metal called germanium is added into fine silver. This included material creates an invisible film that prevents oxygen in the air from getting into contact with anything like copper that can easily undergo oxidation.

Fashion accessory cleaning is made very simple. Thanks to the addition of germanium, there is no need for women to grab that micro fiber cloth each time they wish to put on their jewelries. Tarnishing is something that rarely happens to these dazzling items. Usually, it is enough to have these pieces washed with water and mild detergent, then dried with a soft cloth.

Germanium causes these personal ornaments to last for a very long time. Thanks to the addition of germanium into the mix, accessories end up more resistant to the usual problems such as getting scratched or dented. It is exactly for this reason why women can expect to enjoy their fashion items for so many years to come especially when they’re taken care of properly.

All of these accessories can effectively maintain their respective shapes. The primary reason why copper is added to pure silver is to make the gleaming metal hard. By adding germanium, the popular jewelry making material becomes harder. Those who invest in these items can have peace of mind that they are not going to be seen wearing misshapen fashion accessories.

They tend to be whiter and brighter than the traditional sterling accessories. When it comes to personal ornaments, nothing can make women become complete head-turners more than the kinds that shine the best. Argentium pieces are evidently more brilliant than sterling rivals, making them especially eye-catching when they are adorned with all sorts of colorful gemstones.

Fret not if you are allergic to sterling fashion accessories as these items are hypoallergenic. According to the industry experts, the addition of germanium eliminates your odds of ending up with skin that feels itchy and hot. Putting on these shiny items enables you to focus more on being attractive and confident instead of worrying about having unflattering irritated skin.

These are the reasons why it is a good idea for women to opt for argentium fashion accessories. Currently, there are plenty of selections on the market. These personal ornaments can make any women look dazzling without much effort on their part.

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