The Best Leather Shoe Care Products

October 12, 2014

People spend a lot of money for high quality, well fitting shoes. It comes as no surprise that caring for them properly becomes a priority for most who own them. Finding the very best leather shoe care products available can take time and energy. When using the trial and error method many individuals resort to asking for advice from people whose trade is caring for shoes. Another method of gathering this information might be internet research regarding how to care for the shoes.

Regardless of where you learn how to do it, you will need to purchase several specific items before you can begin treatment of your shoes. Many times the items you need can be found in kits obtained locally or online. These kits should contain the basic necessities required to shine, protect and preserve high quality footwear.

The kits will contain at a minimum polishes, brushes and cloths designed to enhance the look of your footwear. Things you will require that it may not contain are gloves to protect your hands while working and paper to cover the surface you use to hold your shoes and supplies. The polishes provided may be both liquid and solid wax forms. Liquids usually do not require buffing after application but the solid wax will need to be rubbed with a soft cloth or brushed to achieve the high gloss shine you are looking for.

A quicker solution is found in the form of shine cream merchandise. These liquids supply a quick cleaning and shining for footwear and is a convenient addition to your office for emergency purposes. The drawback to this form of treatment is that it does not protect shoes from the damage that can be caused by weather or normal wear.

Replacing the oils needed to keep your footwear soft and pliant is essential. One product available is called mink oil renovator. Another mink oil product is designed for footwear used outdoors such as work boots. This oil cleans, repairs and water proofs the surface of the boots. For best results the oil should be allowed to sit on the exterior surfaces of shoes for up to thirty minutes prior to applying polish. Consistent use will help to prevent cracking and keep leather soft and comfortable.

Applying an oil based conditioner during the off seasons will help preserve the condition of footwear. It is brushed over all exposed surfaces and left in place until the shoes are needed again. The process of allowing the shoes to absorb needed oils for long periods of time helps to keep them soft and ready for future use.

Basic ingredients included in commercial conditioners include coconut or other oils, lanolin and some form of wax, usually bees wax is used because it is a natural ingredient. You can find recipes for home made conditioners online that are very simple to make and less expensive as well as possibly better for the shoes because it causes no build up of oil and wax.

With a little practice most people will be able to maintain the new look and quality of leather footwear but if time or desire to do it is a problem there are shops locally that will happily take care of this task for you.

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