The Beauty In The Magnetic Swarovski Crystal Jewelry

May 30, 2014

There is one man who made a mark in the field of aesthetics. He is Daniel Swarovski, the founder of Magnetic Crystals. The magnetic Swarovski Crystal jewelry has distinguished itself as the best crystal all over the globe. The beads used are made in a factory in Austria. The formula used in creating these beads was created at the beginning of the twentieth century. They are usually fired using a mixture of quartz sand and naturally occurring minerals. Later, they are cooled slowly to prevent stress from reaching the crystals.

The beads are extremely beautiful. They are normally designed with much precision that leads to formation of beautiful prisms. Appealing colors are included in raw materials to create pendants, stones and differently sized attractive beads. Lead is then added to the raw materials, and later, they are taken through some processing. These two processes produce a quality of beads which are as brilliant as diamond. A coating is put on the surface of the end product making it glow like the spectrum. This glow was developed as a result of inspiration from Northern Lights. The coat on the surface is usually half that on the crystal.

Besides the beauty, the ornaments have therapeutic powers that impact on human beings in two varying ways; pain relieving and catalyzing the healing process. Healing is hastened when there is attraction and repulsion of charged elements in the blood system. The attraction and repulsion causes heat and movement. This process enlarges blood vessels. An electric current develops from the magnetic field caused by the ornaments. It energizes the nervous system causing it to block pain sensing capabilities. In the process, the body is relieved of its pains and discomforts.

This type of jewelry is designed as a naturally occurring, non-invasive impetus for elimination of pain and discomfort around the arms, hands, shoulders and neck. It promotes a general feeling of well-being through adding fluxes to the body, therefore, getting rid of all shortages, and promoting healing power that is natural.

Almost every object in this group of aesthetic items is very attractive. These items include; bracelets, necklaces, and birthday stones. All of them are always comforting and can get rid of pains in any part on the body of a human being. They are not expensive; their prices are between 10-120 dollars.

All the items made using this style have got therapeutic powers. For example, a bracelet gets rid of all bad pains from all parts of the hand; palm, biceps, triceps, wrist, elbow and shoulders. In addition to this, the bracelet stimulates people by improving on the oxygen, food and natural pain killer carrying capacities in their bodies.

Necklaces are endowed with the powers to end pains from the waist upwards; chest, neck, head and shoulders. They also prevent discomforts in the head and even those associated with sinuses. Additionally, they improve on vitality, strength and energy within the body. Necklaces can be worn with virtually all types of attire, whether formal or casual. Research has proven that these necklaces can raise the level of naturally available system of bio-magnetism.

Majority of those who buy these necklaces, bracelets and other jewelry made through this design only want them for beauty. They pay less attention to their healing capabilities only to run back and thank whoever gave them the ornaments when they see how they work. This happens after using the ornaments for some time.

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