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  • Best Dodge Durango And Jeep Grand Cherokee Suvs Laptop Desks

    September 29, 2014

    Located in North America, Pro Desks is a reliable mobile computing solution provider online. With their twelve years of experience, they know which vehicle laptop mount product fit your needs. No matter what vehicle make and model you have, Pro Desks can find the right laptop mounting solutions for it. Car, truck, van, big rig, police vehicle owners all have found the laptop stands specially designed for their vehicle types. Dodge Durango and Jeep Grand Cherokee SUV owners can now find the right mobile computing solutions on Pro Desks online store as well.

  • Use Laptop In Your Ford Crown Victoria With Pro Desks Laptop Mounts

    September 14, 2014

    These days it’s no longer strange to see a person with his laptop bag in hand. With the wi-fi hotspots available nearly everywhere, the number of people choose to take their laptops with them keep on increasing. Police and law enforcement personnel are no exception. The police take advantages of all mobile technology, including laptop, to make their jobs more efficiently and safer. Although “laptop” has the word “lap” in it, it’s not recommended to place your laptop on your lap while working. If you want to work safe, you’ll need a stable surface to put your laptop on. This type of surface can not be found if you are in your Ford Crown Victoria. A Crown Vic laptop mount is what policemen are looking for if they want to work and communicate in their vehicles.

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