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August 5, 2014

It’s important to have a properly lit stage or miscellaneous area for your performance, even if it’s a very small one. You could just manage your lights on your own, but it’s better to hire a stage lighting rental CT to professionally handle everything for you. Lighting that is properly installed and managed enhances a performance and allows the audience to enjoy your show the way you want them to.

There are usually two different options for hiring professional help. Single technicians can be hired when you already have all the lighting installed and just need someone to work them. The other option is to hire a company that will set up everything for you and also manage it. You should choose one that best fits your needs.

Research several professional companies to find the best reviewed ones. Make a list of all the rates and prices of their services by searching on their websites. Afterwards, narrow down that list by comparing the various prices to your own established budget.

The companies or technicians you seek need to be available to work on your lights before your production date. Make sure you don’t forget that they are needed at rehearsals as well. Your list of companies will be narrowed down even more based on timing.

Be sure of the reputation of the remaining companies on your list. Ask for various references, and call at least two of them for confirmation of their quality. Some topics you should inquire about could be how they generally performed and if their attitude was professional.

Organizing and setting up anything that has to do with the lighting has to be done way before the performance. This includes checking or adjusting each phase of the lighting, making sure the blocking is right, and correcting or altering the light plot. Other times, preparations still won’t be able to avoid impromptu problems when the actors finally get on stage. During rehearsals, equipment for the arrangement of lights, like robot ellipsoidal spotlights that follow motion or computerized preset boards with memories can all be used to make scene changes. Keep in mind that amateur theaters won’t have this technology.

Regardless of who is working on the lighting, it’s professional and important in terms of protecting hands or preventing slippage to always wear work gloves. Other protective measures are to wear rubber soled shoes and to check clamps and aiming bolts whenever instruments for producing lights are near. Not only can these measure help avoid any injuries, but will prevent embarrassing situations for technical directors and angry directors.

Check online for a professional company that will help make your performance the best it can be. Most companies have enough employees and professional equipment to accommodate the size of your production. They have LED panels and special event effects as well to create dynamic visuals that will make your performance pop. These companies will offer consultations and utilize their hefty experience to make any meeting, convention, trade show, play, etc. Impressive.

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