St. Louis Vapor Shop Offers Custom E-Liquids

July 9, 2014

Vaping (smoking e-cigs) offers many benefits over standard tobacco smoking. With tobacco you are very limited on where you can smoke, and even at home you may offend others. This does not happen with e-cigs as there is no tobacco smoke. Your St. Louis vapor shop lets you choose flavor blends and strengths customized to your needs.

A top-rated vapor shop carries several different strengths. For example, you can choose from no nicotine, all the way up to 36 milligrams. If you are just starting e cigs you might want to choose a strength you are comfortable with. For example, light smokers might choose 6 or 12 milligrams, while heavy smokers may need 18 or 36 milligrams. Yet, it is all a matter of personal preference.

When one can choose e-liquid strength, it makes it easier to taper off and eventually quit smoking. For example, you may start with 18 milligrams for a few weeks, then go to 12 for a while, then 6, then 3, and finally you can order a custom made blend of e liquid with no nicotine at all.

Custom liquids provide you with an unlimited amount of flavors for your enjoyment. A quality e smoke shop provides such a large amount of selections you may not need to blend any flavors. Choose from great tastes like bacon, brownies, banana split, or cappuccino.

As you make up your own special e-liquid blend you come up with something totally unique to share with friends if you wish. Imagine flavors like bourbon, ice menthol, and Irish cream. Mandarin, mango, key lime pie, and others are there for you too.

Your e-smoke supplier provides a huge assortment of accessories. You will find batteries, mods, chargers, hooka pens, and much more, when you shop. For the beginner, you may select from a large selection of starter kits and can include your own special juice blend.

Find an overview of the reasons why you should purchase St. Louis vapor accessories online and view our selection of accessories at now.

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