Some Thoughts On Repurposed Vintage Jewelry

October 10, 2014

The trend for repurposing is very popular today and this applies to items of jewelry too. Just like clothes or shoes that sit in closets because they are out of date or do not fit, these items are being revived and given new life. Repurposed vintage jewelry is often quite unique and every woman deserves such a piece as part of her wardrobe.

Inherited pieces carry with them much sentimental value. However, pieces are meant to be worn and admired, not sit in a drawer. These pieces often contain valuable stones like diamonds. They may be made of old gold or silver. These elements can be used to create new pieces that the owner is proud to wear and serves as a constant reminder of the person who wore the original item.

Stackable diamond bands and beautiful chandelier earrings are just some of the items being made. Old fashioned broaches are turned into stunning cocktail rings. Orphaned earrings are given a new lease of life on chains as necklaces or bracelets. Several broken pieces may be combined to create one new piece or a long string of pearls may be used to two shorter strings.

Some heirloom pieces are very valuable and this is why not just anyone should be allowed to work on them or give advice about what to do with them. There are jewelers who are well qualified to breathe life into these heirloom pieces. It is important for a reputable jeweler to inspect and appraise a piece.

Some pieces are just too valuable to break up as this will affect their value. There are pieces are even more valuable broken than a new piece created out of the broken elements. Others may have elements such as a clasp with an embossed name on it. This should not be used out of respect for the original line and can cause confusion.

If the advice of a jeweler is that the pieces can be used, then a design needs to be chosen. Some people have their own ideas of exactly what they want. If not, jewelers often have sketches of possible designs that can be used. The future wearer and jeweler usually collaborate together to come up with the best possible uses of different elements.

It is possible to really love and wear heirloom pieces that are recreated to fit perfectly and reflect the style of the wearer. They are no longer just sitting in a box in a drawer but being used for the purpose for which they were intended for in the first place. Choosing a reputable jeweler helps to ensure that a piece not only preserves the best of its past but has current appeal too.

Making a wonderful new piece that is not only current but suits the style of the wearer is possible. The best of the past should be brought to the piece with the elements used as well. This means that wearing a piece like this can create a sense of nostalgia and bring back fond memories while at the same time offer style and modernity.

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