Some Information On O2 Sensor Recycling

August 28, 2014

02 sensors are devices usually electronic that monitor the levels of oxygen in a liquid or gas and they are also referred to as lambda sensors. The sensors are commonly used in exhaust pipes to measure oxygen levels in exhaust fumes and in combustion engines with the used products ending back to o2 sensor recycling companies. These sensors have also a myriad of other applications for divers, medical practitioners and scientists who do different research on flora and fauna.

There are many thriving business specializing in 02 sensor recycling. How they go about the business is by purchasing old sensors and recycling them. There interest is only on specific parts of the lambda sensors. These sensors have some precious metals such as platinum, a very expensive metal, in them which is the main interest of these enterprises.

The PGM recovery systems is a well-known recycler of the sensors and they purchase them both in retail and in wholesale. Their major condition for purchasing a sensor from you is that they have to be whole. They offer very favourable prices for these devices. They also accept overseas shipment if the seller is in a different country. This is contingent on the fact that the shipping must be done in the correct way to avoid further damage by water during shipment.

Another one of the players in the industry is Rockaway which has attractive rates for their suppliers. They are known to settle their part of bargain in the shortest time possible once an agreement has been struck. Since they are only interested in the sensors, they only remove and give you back your machinery the same state it was.

In possession of tonnes of knowledge and expertise which lightens the workload of recycling, is Duesmann and Hensel company. Their immediate payment policy, door to door collection of sensors that are not working and the fact that they give professional advice to clients who have had problems with sensors makes them the company of choice if you are selling sensors that have stopped working.

In Alabama, the JR recovery, a family owned business has the expertise and the experience to deal with recycling of the 02 sensors. The Somerville based company purchases the lambda sensors if the cone end has not been tampered with the general condition of the sensor notwithstanding. The firm is open for both local and international shipments of the product.

Exhausted Inc, an experienced firm when it comes to dealing with precious metals, also deals with recycling sensors. They purchase them from either local sellers or from people outside their jurisdiction and offer various other services as well. The company boasts of taking into consideration the effect of their actions on the environment and thus have environmentally friendly firms. If you care about the environment, then this would be an ideal firm to sell your sensors to.

Every person wherever they are no matter how remote the area is, they should not get stuck with equipments with oxygen sensors which have been damage. They can choose to dispose them to 02 recycling companies for some money. It is prudent for you to do a research on the market to get the best deal.

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