Snowmobile Graphics Rejuvenate And Beautify Your Sled

August 23, 2014

Snowmobile manufacturers these days offer several different graphic packages that you can order from. OEMs make all these snowmobile graphics possible, and allow customers to customize and choose what goes on their sleds. There are many options so that manufacturers can satisfy everyone’s tastes. This availability is great because factories can finish the product better than other separate customizers, and you’ll get the best possible quality.

Your snowmobiles can look more fresh and vibrant with aftermarket graphics. Currently, there are two types of plastic surfaces that are used for snowmobiles, both smooth and rough. Smoother ones are glossy, similar to a car’s exterior. The rough surface is not as shiny and is somewhat texture, like a belly pan. The application of it also differ. You’ll want to use a wet method for the smooth surfaces, and dry method for the rough. Dry methods are required for rough surfaces so that the graphic can stick to the texture better.

Graphics will be installed on the panels with the use of a machine. This way, the panels won’t move around while you work. Also, the installer is able to work on the graphic alignment continuously.

For rough surfaces, you must ensure that your hands are clean so you don’t mess up the portion area of the graphic. Start by picking at the corner, and use your fingers to lay the graphic on the panel. Make sure there aren’t any air bubbles. If there are, peel the graphic back and try again.

If you’re satisfied, you should put some heat on it. This portion isn’t required, but is highly recommended since it secures the corners better and makes any wrinkles disappear. Graphics will shrink with heat, so make sure what you apply isn’t too hot. You will damage the graphic this way.

A smooth surface has to be completely clean. Use soapy water or fluid that comes with the graphic kit, and spray it on the surface and sticky side of the graphic. It’s perfectly fine if the fluid drips a bit. Lay the graphic down; it’s fine to move it around a little. Once in the proper position, squeeze the fluid out from the center of the graphic.

Make sure there isn’t any fluid left in the center. This will definitely be difficult to remedy later. This problem is like the air bubble issue you see in rough surface graphics.

After you apply your graphics, you are able to trim off some of the edges. If you’ve done a good job in installing it already, there’s no need for this. You’ll need to leave at least a fourth of an inch from the edges when you use a razor knife to trim it. This helps your graphic look a lot more appealing and clean. The graphic won’t get caught on anything and peel either.

Take a step back after you install the graphic to look at your snowmobile. You’ll notice how different your snowmobile looks with even a simple graphic application. You can enjoy your sled even more this way, and can show your ride off for its new style.

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