Six Engine Sludge Symptoms To Take Note Of

September 8, 2014

One of the most common problems that car owners would have with their automobiles would be a buildup of sludge inside their motors. Now if one would want to know if he has this kind of issue, then he should take note of certain signs. Now these six are the engine sludge symptoms that one would have to take note of.

Now when one would want to start his car but his car does not want to, then there might be a problem. Now having a problem starting up the engine is definitely a problem that has to be addressed right away. One of the most common reasons for this type of problem would of course be a clogged motor.

Now the most likely thing that happened would be that the sludge that was built up has covered the spark plugs. When the spark plugs do not work properly, then they cannot help jump start the car. Of course in order to be able to fix this problem, one would have to take the substance away from these spark plugs.

Now another thing that one would have to take note of would be the oil consumption of the car. If he feels like the car uses up oil faster than the usual rate, then a clog may actually be the problem. Because of the clog, the right amount of oil will not be distributed to all parts of the motor properly which means that only just a little bit of oil was consumed.

Another way to be able to check for this problem would be to see the oxygen sensor. Now usually, when the motor is clogged up, the oxygen sensor is not working well because the clog would not be able to detect the proper amount of oxygen that is being used. When this happens, the oxygen sensor will tell the driver that more fuel needs to be used.

Now it is also very important to check if the oil pressure indicator would light up. One must immediately check for any clogs because this would most likely be the problem. The oil was most likely not able to be distributed evenly in all parts of the motor which is why the indicator reacted.

Now if the engine gets too hot, then one would definitely have to check if there is some sludge there. Now the thing about sludge is that when it would clog a motor, it will not allow the motor to be able to distribute any of the oil like it should. Since it will be moving without any oil inside, it will just burn up and eventually overheat from the pressure.

So as one can see, there are quite a number of signs that one would have to be looking out for in order to know if he has a clog in the motor. Now the solution for this would be to simply wipe away the thickened oil from the engine. However, it is best that he would do this during the early stages because if it is left there for too long, complications may arise.

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