Selecting The Best Hand Knotted Jewelry

July 4, 2014

Beads can strung in many different manners to produce necklaces, bracelets, earrings and other items. Hand knotted jewelry is sought after for a number of reasons, including its finish. However, the quality of such pieces can vary considerably, depending upon the skill of the maker and the type of materials used. This is why it is important to make sure that you are purchasing from a reliable source, particularly if shopping online.

When it comes to selecting jewelry which is very personal, it is often originality that sells a piece. Individuals want to feel that what they are wearing is unique to them and perfectly compliments their particular style. A piece that is knotted by hand can provide this appeal as each piece is indeed different in subtle ways to any other piece.

The technique of knotting requires some practice to master. Knots are made between beads and this can be done in different ways to create unique effects. Sometimes double knots are made and even triple knots to create the effect of a decorative motif between the other elements used. The softness of the thread or cord used adds yet another layer to the design, giving a contrasting softness against the harder elements used.

There are a variety of different materials that can be used for knotting. Some of these are natural and others are synthetic. Some, like silk are more suitable for use with elegant items like pearl necklaces. Others, like hemp or nylon thread, are more suited for ethnic looking items, like chunky bracelets. Silk cord is popular as it has a lovely sheen and is easy to tie and nylon thread is commonly used too.

Every possible color of thread or cord is available and this makes selecting of a color to compliment a design easy. Sometimes a color is chosen to contrast with the other elements rather than compliment them. This gives yet another opportunity for creating interest.

Knotting between beads not only gives a more finished look but has other practical benefits too. It prevents the breads from rubbing continuously against one another which causes damage. It also means that when a strand breaks, beads are preventing from scattering all over the floor and perhaps getting lost.

The thickness of the material used for knotting is also important. If the knots appear too large in relation to the beads, the balance of the piece is thrown off. The right thickness has to be used so that the thread or cord fits easily through the holes in the beads and yet is thick enough to allow the knot to stay in place and nestle comfortably between the beads.

These original, hand crafted items make wonderful gifts for family members and friends. There are such a variety of styles available that it is not difficult to select a piece that you are convinced will reflect the personality of the person. They will be delighted to receive such a gift and will be able to wear it for many years with pride.

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