Schaeffer Lubricants’ Specially Formulated Super Lube Supreme Protects Power-Shift Transmissions Of Heavy Vehicles From Wear

September 21, 2014

Super Lube Supreme is a superior quality lubricant made from a specific formula. It can be used in the hydraulic systems and drive-trains of heavy vehicles of the construction and mining industries. From schaeffer lubricants, the oil is ideal for lubricating many different kinds of heavy equipment, including bulldozers, haul trucks, and front end loaders.

Modern drive-trains are increasingly complex, using sophisticated high-tech materials that contribute to more efficient power transfer. These drive-trains require fluids that are specifically designed to improve friction performance, material compatibility, wear protection, and oxidation stability. Super Lube Supreme not only meets but exceeds these criteria; it extends the life of the power-shift transmission friction discs, improves shift handling, and reduces wear.

The kind of additive system used with lubricating fluids for power-shift transmissions is important. If the wrong kind is used, negative effects will occur. The non-metal parts will wear out and, in turn, will cause changes in static and dynamic friction performance and, hence, parts will operate less efficiently. The transmission will begin to slip or stick, and become noisy. Wet brakes won’t be as safe; stopping distances become longer, and the parked vehicle will be prone to a slipping or sticking transmission.

Blended from the highest quality base fluids and full paraffin base oils, Super Lube Supreme is a unique para-synthetic base fluid that provides greater thermal and oxidative stability, reduced volatility, and is less prone to thermal degradation. It is mixed with a non-corrosive additive that leaves a solid film of lubricant on metallic surfaces. This helps protect equipment from wear, while extending its life.

When combined with the specialized additive, Super Lube Supreme offers several performance benefits. The friction performance between metallic and non-metallic components of power-shift transmissions is more controlled and stable. Noise problems are eliminated, while the superior thermal and oxidative stability helps to remove and prevent sludge and varnish build up, which can damage clutches and seals.

Super Lube Supreme’s unique composition helps eliminate problems with clutch slippage, even for heavy loads and uphill driving. The clutch can be maintained at the correct setting without needing to constantly adjust the equipment. This stay-in-grade lubricant is suitable for use with all widely used elastomeric materials and seals, and possesses superb shear stability, enabling it to protect transmissions against long term fatigue.

Super Lube Supreme is a lubricant that is highly resistant against copper corrosion and rust, as well as foaming. If air finds its way into the lubricant, metallic parts can come into direct contact and cause wear. Vehicles start easier in cold temperatures because of its excellent fluidity and wear protection at these temperatures. This all results in equipment lasting a lot longer, as well as easier operation, minimized downtime, and less frequent drain intervals.

Super Lube Supreme, specially formulated for the lubrication of power-shift transmissions, is suitable for use in transmissions that require a C-4 fluid, such as Allison transmissions, as well as Meritor and Eaton-Roadranger transmissions. It should not be used in diesel engines, as it will result in heavy deposits on the pistons that will shorten the life of these engines.

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