Saving Your Vintage Rhinestone Bracelets From Losing Their Dazzling Appeal

September 28, 2014

Accessorizing makes your clothes look more interesting. It also helps bring attention to your unique style and personality. It is certainly a great idea to maintain the unmistakable beauty of your vintage rhinestone bracelets so that you can shine whenever you are wearing them. Fortunately for you, keeping them sparkling should not take up much of your precious time and energy.

The primary goal is to save those rhinestones from losing their glitter. It is also important to keep the metal parts just as shiny as these eye-catching decorative elements. Especially because a bracelet is worn right next to your hand which you need for doing all sorts of activities, the item has to be dazzling. There is no point in wearing something that is not kept in an excellent state.

Correct storage is vital to prevent these lovely items from ending up damaged most especially when you are not wearing them. Style conscious women like you should purchase an excellent jewelry organizer. The right one to invest in is something that features several compartments. Every section has to be lined with a soft material such as felt to save any item from scratches.

It is also recommended for you to place each bracelet in the packaging that it came in originally. Refrain from throwing the box most especially if you are planning to sell an item in the future because its packaging can help increase its resell value. When traveling, you can avoid unnecessary headaches by putting every piece in its own pouch out of velvet or any other soft fabric.

There are a few things that can be regarded as enemies of your vintage fashion accessories. Water is one of them as it can damage the foil. Without this part at the back, rhinestones won’t look as dazzling as diamonds and other gems. It’s due to this reason why you should not dunk a bracelet in water or leave it in a spot where there’s a lot of water vapor present in the air.

Eventually, rhinestones will lose some of their sparkle. Removing dirt and grime that keep these decorative elements from dazzling can be done with the use of a cloth with a little amount of glass cleaner on it. Try to avoid using commercially available cleaners as they usually contain abrasive compounds. Again, refrain from dunking a bracelet in water to have it cleaned.

A polishing cloth may be used to buff the metal parts. Opting for this cheap and readily available cleaning solution is perhaps the fastest and safest way for you to bring back the lost appeal of your fashion accessories. When stubborn stain is present, you may use a soft toothbrush dampened with water. Make sure that you completely dry the item just before you stash it in the organizer.

Harsh chemicals in your daily cosmetic products can rob those vintage bracelets of their sparkle. That is why you should put them on only after you have applied your hairspray, deodorant, lotion, perfume and others. Make it a habit to remove them first at the end of your day. Doing so saves them from rubbing against the likes of metal buttons and zippers on your clothing.

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