Save Money By Getting Auto Parts From A Car Wrecker In Tampa FL

July 10, 2014

A scrap dealer or auto wrecker is a person who deals with dismantling old or wrecked vehicles. Auto wreckers usually get parts that can be utilized for the cars and then sell them to people who want to purchase used auto parts. They usually sell the parts that cannot be used to recyclers. Most auto wreckers deal with selling spare parts and scrap metal in their city or region. This means that a car wrecker who has a scrap yard in Tampa Florida dismantles vehicles in this city and sells the parts here.

By getting parts from a local auto wrecker, you will be supporting the local economy. In a scrap yard, cars are usually assorted into rows and stacked on top of each other. This may seem disorganized but good auto wreckers have inventory systems that allow them to categorize and catalogue every auto part in their yard. They know exactly where the parts that customers ask for are situated.

To get the parts you want from a scrap yard, you should let the dealers know about the kind of vehicle you drive and the year it was manufactured. In most cases, the parts taken from cars are small in size and easy to remove. Some of these parts are headlights, exhaust systems, mirrors, taillights, oil pans, blinkers, alternators, windshields and starters among others.

Car wreckers sell most of the parts people need at affordable prices. People who have classic cars usually visit scrap yards since they can easily get the parts they need to repair their cars there. Other than finding basic spare parts, it is also easy to find different types of good quality pre owed accessories including front full bars, alloy wheels and top bars among others. If you want to accessorize your vehicle fully, you will not go wrong by visiting a scrap yard.

Reputable auto wreckers offer warranties of thirty to sixty days on the spare parts they sell. This significantly reduces the risk of purchasing pre owned automobile parts. Motorists can use the parts for several days and find out if they are functioning as they should. If an auto part breaks down, motorists can present their receipt to the seller and receive a refund.

Apart from buying spare parts from scrap yards, you can also sell an old, wrecked or non functioning automobile to them. The wreckers will come to your home or other location and tow the vehicle away. In most cases, they will deduct the towing costs from the amount of money they will pay for your vehicle.

Auto wreckers usually crush the bodies of cars on site. Most of them promote recycling in order to reduce pollution. Some wreckers specialize in dismantling certain types of cars such as 4 wheel drive vehicles or a specific make such as Mitsubishi, Ford, Toyota or Nissan among other makes.

Some scrap yard dealers provide repair services under the guidance of knowledgeable mechanics. They offer mechanical services like engine fitting, engine rebuilding and conversions. By getting car parts from scrap yards, the residents of Tampa FL can reduce the costs of maintaining their vehicles.

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