Safety Vests For Visibility And Identification

June 23, 2014

Safety first is a main requirement for many different types of workers and volunteers. Using safety vests is one of the most inexpensive and effective means of staying injury free during many specific jobs which involve high traffic, lighting issues and heavy machinery. Purchasing these for employees will keep insurance premiums down and employees on the job.

The specifications and standards of these garments were put into effect in June of 1999 by the International Safety Equipment Association. Their rules laid out the requirements for the wearing of this article for different levels of employment and various scenarios.

These articles will make personnel more visible to other employees, traffic and moving machinery. The reflective bands will also give extra visibility during the sun’s high glare periods and at night when visibility is low or non-existent. They also identify workers as being a part of a specific group – for example, they may be worn by parents assisting with crowd control at a school event or police officers directing traffic flow for a funeral. Attendees will respect their authority and heed their instructions due to the branding the vests will give them.

Individuals who would appreciate having these at their disposal include airline employees, mechanics, school patrols, road workers, construction employees, security guards, warehouse staff, crowd control workers, and traffic management personnel. Many individuals also keep a vest or two in the trunk of their cars for personal reasons. They are great to have on hand if they are in a situation where they must change a flat tire on a freeway or even help direct traffic in the case of an accident.

The most common colors used are yellow and orange. Blue and red can also be obtained for high visibility. The addition of reflective tape adds to the overall visibility of the garment. They are usually of very lightweight, flame-resistant material so they do not become hot and burdensome to the wearer. Logos and inscriptions can be added for identification purposes during use which is especially helpful if there is more than one company or business that is using the exact same style in the immediate area.

There are other styles of these available, the most common being the tee shirt style which does not require the wearing of anything underneath. It is even more effective as the wearers can be seen more effectively from side views also. Swatches or bands of this type of fabric can also be purchased to tie onto strollers, light moving equipment or bicycles.

These protective items can be found at uniform, hardware and building supply venues. They can also be located online at various industrial supply sites. Select the style that best fits the usage and the individuals who will be wearing the clothing article.

Just the knowledge that employees or family members are wearing these items will give managers and families assurance and great peace of mind. The individuals will be much more visible to oncoming or hidden traffic, other people, and will also help identify them as a group with a specific mission or duty.

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