Rhinestone Word Pins; What You Might Be Missing About Them

May 30, 2014

Just the name rhinestone would spark amazing ideas of beautifully designed and sparkling ornaments among lovers of jewelries. No one would mention or even talk about jewels for more than two minutes without this brand name featuring somewhere and even that would not be complete without a mention of the famous rhinestone word pins that have now become the pride of this company. Gaining its popularity over the years, these are some of the most exquisite products that this jewelry industry have ever had in store. Maybe you might be having one in your wardrobe but wondering how much more you do not know about these great pieces of art. This might just be your ideal moment of glory.

You might probably be in possession of one but with no knowledge of the brand name rhinestone and why the jewelries came to be called. The first rock crystals used in making these mysterious ornaments were first collected from River Rhine. Initially known as strass in better parts of Europe, the raw material was a perfect imitation of diamond which has been known to be the most fabulous material for ornaments and jewelry.

The words embossed on the brilliant pins range from names of celebrities, nice quotes and romantic words that you would want to have a repeat of for eternity. However, you might not have known that you can actually get your real names beautifully embossed on these leading brand pins that everyone is dying for.

Have you ever wondered the type of material used to have those beautiful words stay close to one another? Heat sensitive glues are often used as the most preferred adhesive for assembling these word pins making keeping them away from excessive heat sources not an option. The glamor and magnificence of these jewels can therefore best be kept in this way.

Contrary to the common knowledge of having these wonderful garments somewhere close to the chest or chained on the neck, you always have one in your handbag and still kill the fashion. Imagine opening your purse and the first thing to fall out is a beautiful embossment of your name or better still, that of your spouse.

Having seen the words on the pins embossed in some of the most popular colors, you might be misled into believing that those are the only existing colors that these wonderful pieces of jewelry come in. Surprisingly enough, almost all colors are represented and you can always get one of your choice!

Besides the obvious reasons for possessing these wonderful pins, romance and perfect display of passion, you can always find one that bears the name of your country. Which better way would you show your sense of patriotism besides this?

There are a lot more facts that might get to surprise about these wonderful pieces of art that might probably be lying somewhere in your wardrobe. So next time before you have it on, get a little more curious and dig dip on them!

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