Qualities Of A Full Grain Leather Messenger Bag

October 13, 2014

To be successful in today’s hectic business world it is imperative that you are prepared for whatever may be needed to close a deal or make that all important sale. To accomplish this task in the field You must have all of the tools necessary to show your product in the best light and handle whatever paperwork may be needed. Having a full grain leather messenger bag may be one of the most important items you possess.

Made of soft pliable leathers the bags are designed to last many years. The texture of the hides used varies in color and as they age the develop a patina the enhances their beauty over the years. Using a cleaner may temporarily darken the color but within a few days the oils are absorbed completely and the original shades will return.

Equipped with shoulder straps for easy carry purposes many of them also have grips built into the tops for times when a shoulder strap is unnecessary. When an area sustains a lot of stress from carrying manufacturers will reinforce them with steel rivets and in the case of a grip provide a metal bar inside the upper flap to bear the weight and stress. Rivets are also used in other heavy use areas of each bag.

They have single gusset construction and are wide enough to hold files in the main pocket. There are also individual compartments inside to accommodate cell phones, tablets and other small items such as pens and business cards. A special padded section in the back is designed to hold laptop computers safely. For travel you may find a hidden compartment located at the bottom of your bag for concealing money, passports and other important documents.

Many of these bags are hand made by designers that choose to retain the rustic looks that come from using saddle buckles rather than zippers and snaps for closures. The top opening is covered by a flap that is secured to the bottom edge with a steel buckle. This touch gives the bags a distinctive air and enhances the character and appearance of vintage merchandise.

A new concept in the design of these bags allows them to be converted into back packs. By looping the shoulder strap through specially designed slots placed at the top and bottom of designs they become completely hands free transportation for your belongings. The bags themselves weigh between three and five pounds so this may be a welcome option towards the end of your day.

Being smaller and lighter than briefcases these bags are far more versatile also. They contain side pockets and individual compartments for transporting files in an upright position that enables you to see exactly which file you need immediately. A briefcase generally opens from the side and files must be stacked on top of each other for transporting them causing the user to shuffle through them each time one is needed for work.

There is usually a ten year warranty on these bags but most are designed to last a lifetime with normal use and longer if they are properly cared for.

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