Pro Desks New Laptop Desks For Police Vehicles

June 22, 2014

You can easily spot a laptop in a police vehicle. Police normally have to work on a laptop but using the laptop with incorrect position can lead to many problems, including heath problems to the users and damages to your laptop. By installing a laptop stand, police officers can avoid health troubles while protect their laptops from being damaged. With the use of a police vehicle laptop stand, police officers get easy accessibility to their laptops and prevent the laptops from falling to the floor at the same time. Pro Desks provides quality public safety equipment including the police laptop mounts.

Pro Desks new series of police vehicle laptop desks are all seat-rail products. These products are installed in front of the passenger seat but do not affect the passenger’s movement. Unlike cheap laptop desks on the market, Pro Desks police vehicle laptop desks do not require any drilling or modifications during the installation process.

Depending on the position of the user, Pro Desks laptop stand can be turned, swiveled and tilted until the user finds the correct position. With the well-designed articulating arm, Pro Desks police laptop stands allows laptop accessibility from either side of the vehicle. Police officers can even operate on the laptop from outside of the vehicle. The free movement and easy positioning of the laptop stands makes the convenience for users to enjoy.

The police laptop desks by Pro Desks come with adjustable main rods, allowing simple height adjustment. You can keep any laptops in the desktop; laptops with wide screens easily fit well with desktop as well. These police laptop desks are well-designed; users do not need to buy any add-ons for the desks to work. The four shock pads on the desktop help lift your laptop few inches from the mount, prevent it from being damaged by the shock and vibration on the road while the vehicle is travelling. A quick laptop theft is impossible with the advanced locking mechanism. You laptop can be closed perfectly when not being in use.

Since this is built for police use, the mount will not swing in case of high speed scenarios that involve abruptly stepping on the brakes and extreme cornering. The laptop desk is built for extreme use and will securely hold the laptop in place in such scenarios. In case a different vehicle will be used, the police laptop mounts by Pro Desks can be easily transferred without any complicated processes.

Pro Desks police laptop stands are built with the purposes to provide police officers with an outstanding rugged equipment to successfully do their job. You’ll find no laptop desks currently available on the market which can be compared to Pro Desks products in terms of durability and quality.

Pro Desks police laptop stands are manufactured in the US and are made of high quality materials. These products are believed to be able to last for years. Purchasing these police laptop mount is an economical decision since you do not need to change these laptop stands if you change your vehicle.

Pro Desks radio consoles for trucks provide police vehicle laptop desks which are suitable for police cars of all types. Please feel free to visit their online stores.

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